Oolong Tea: Teatulia

Winter! How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways!


Frost in my head

I received this amazing package of tea from Teatulia over a week ago, and promised to blog about it within a few days. And then I got sick. It’s February. It’s Toronto. I’m a teacher. It’s inevitable. I’ve been sick for a week, and haven’t been able to breathe, or eat; can’t stop coughing, can’t stop sneezing, nose dripping like a faucet, and worst of all… I couldn’t smell, or taste ANYTHING!  How can I blog about tea if I can’t taste it?!

I owe an apology to Teatulia, to whom I promised a review a LONG TIME AGO! I hate to keep people waiting!

Teatulia White, Black, and Oolong

Teatulia White, Black, and Oolong

So, here’s the deal… they sent me 3 samples of organic white tea, 3 samples of organic black tea, and this awesome ‘drum’ full of organic oolong tea (single sourced organic garden in Bangladesh) which you can bang gently on either end for a lovely musical accompaniment to your tea-time! Now that’s fun! The tea comes in biodegradable packaging and teabags (yes, even the mesh pyramids!), so I already love Teatulia for that! I immediately gave away samples of the white and black teas to some colleagues, and haven’t been able to taste them myself yet. More on those later. But I HAVE been drinking quite a lot of the oolong, despite this misearable cold, and from what I can tell, it’s quite nice!

Organic Oolong: compostable tea pyramid

Organic Oolong: compostable tea pyramid

Described as “A stunning full-bodied cup with hints of fresh pie crust, lemon, & sake”… hello… “Yes, Yes, and Hell Yes!” What’s not to love about THAT?! The teabags smell fresh, rich, and roasty. Unlike most dusty teabags, these pyramids leave lots of room for the tea to expand, and there is no stapled-on tag. I steep the tea for about 2 minutes in boiling water. The aroma is fresh and clean and warm. The first sip is a warm, toasted, roasted, nuttiness with hints of lemon, and hints of earth. It reminds me of a roasted houjicha. The flavour is rich and full-bodied, as described. For some reason it reminds me of fall, and the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot. There is a certain rich, earthy warmth that goes with that sound, and that feeling… this tea captures it perfectly. I don’t necessarily taste pie crust, or sake, but those flavours may be too subtle for me to taste through this cold. I’ll try again later when I can fully breathe!

This Oolong is really warm and hearty… perfect for the nasty Canadian winter, and perfect for sipping on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, with cold medicine buzzing through your head. If I ever shake this cold… sometime in April… I hope to get around to the White and Black teas too!

BIG THANK YOU to Teatulia for providing this sample!


One thought on “Oolong Tea: Teatulia

  1. Ohhhhh that sounds yummy! Maybe a longer steep might bring out the pie-crust hints? Either way, I love the sounds of this one, and I’ve never tried anything from Teatulia. So…. hmmmmmm…. 🙂

    Ugh to winter. I live in Massachusetts, and we’ve been pummeled with 6 feet of snow and colder-than-normal temps for the past 4 weeks. So I join you in wishing the winter blues away with tea!


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