TEA AVE Contest Winner Announced!

Win this package from TEA AVE

Win this package from TEA AVE

Contest Winner: Emalyn F-R from Brampton, Ontario!

Congratulations Emalyn! I’ll get that out to you ASAP!

Thanks for playing, everyone! I hope you will check out the Grand Opening at TEA AVE and find something you like!

This contest is now closed.


That’s right, Tea Lovers! I’m hosting a little draw for this fantastic tea and tea set provided by Canada’s newest oolong tea company: TEA AVE, in Vancouver, BC. They kindly provided me with 2… count’em 2!! identical sets of tea and teaware… and what am I gonna do with 2 sets?? Why, give one away!! (Yes, I’m keeping mine, of course!)

What’s included?

1 handy plasticized tote bag for totin’ around all your oolong!

3 beautiful samples of TEA AVE’s oolong tea: Cape Jasmine Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Ginger Lily Oolong

1 gorgeous boxed set of white porcelain teaware: tasting cup, aroma cup, and oak tray

1 $15 gift card (on a $75 purchase, until Nov 2015)

1 letter of introduction from TEA AVE

TEA AVE officially opens March 1, 2015, and I’ve chosen that date for my draw. At 4:00 AM EST, one winner will be selected.

Now, I’m not a business, and I make no money on this blog, so I’m shipping this to you outta my love for good oolong! What I’m saying is, I’m sorry to disappoint my international readers, but I can only afford to ship within Canada. Canadians… this one’s for you!

Good luck to you all!




2 thoughts on “TEA AVE Contest Winner Announced!

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely set. The tea is delicious and soothing and the set itself is very chic! 🙂
    Many thanks again!


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