Golden Grapefruit: Honey & Tea

Golden Grapefruit by Honey & Tea

Golden Grapefruit by Honey & Tea

It’s 9:30 AM and I’ve just gotten out of bed, and am making a list of all the things I want to do today. It’s very frustrating because I know from the start that I won’t have time for most of them. The ever-present marking hangs over my life like a big black cloud. I expect it will take about 12 hours to finish it all. If I take the time to re-pot my plants, will I have time to finish the marking? If I take time to colour my hair, will I have time to finish the marking? If I take time to write a blog post, will I have time to finish the marking? If I take time to bundle up and take out all the recycling, will I have time to finish the marking? It’s always there. I KNOW that if I take time to do the grocery shopping, or do the laundry, there’s NO WAY in hell that I will have time to finish the marking… so these things will have to wait… for another weekend… one with no marking. It’s the teacher’s curse.

Golden Grapefruit packet

Golden Grapefruit packet

Golden Grapefruit Instructions

Golden Grapefruit Instructions

To try to bring some sunshine into the day; to “kick in the darkness til it bleeds daylight” (Barenaked Ladies) I’m choosing this “Golden Grapefruit” tea from Honey & Tea. I picked it up yesterday at the Toronto Tea Festival, and it sounds juicy and sparkly and fresh and sunny. Maybe it will put a dent in that big black cloud. This is a blend of green tea, black tea, green mate, citrus, lemon myrtle, marigold, mallow, grapefruit, rose petals, and natural flavours. It’s very pretty, with a big marigold and some pretty rose petals in the mix. It doesn’t smell like grapefruit to me, but more like a very powerful lemon/citrus. It reminds me of DAVIDs TEA’s “La La Lemon”.

I steep the whole pouch in my magic steeper for about 4 minutes. The package recommends 3 minutes, but I got distracted with my toast! The tea is a pretty golden brown, and smells like lemon more than anything. The first sip hits the mouth quite bitter. Too long a steep time! The aftertaste is not bad, though. It’s a fresh, lemony, citrus-y flavour which I don’t immediately identify as ‘grapefruit’. But after a few minutes, I start to see it. It’s like an impressionist painting… it’s an ‘impression’ of grapefruit, without being a ‘hit you over the head with an obvious grapefruitiness’ kind of grapefruit.

Golden Grapefruit in Grandma's teacup

Golden Grapefruit in Grandma’s teacup

I pour a second cup, and I’m a little worried. Having steeped a full magic steeper (about 3 teacups) all at once, it’s now been sitting there for a while, as I drank the first cup. The second cup should be even stronger. It smells very very lemony. This cup is much too bitter, and I’m forced to add sugar, which I NEVER do! Ahhhh, yes. That’s the ticket! Once I add the sugar, the bitterness of the tea itself is minimized and I can now taste the citrus again. Unfortunately, I now have an aftertaste of sugar too, which is something I’m not accustomed to with tea. If you like a sugar cube in your tea, this might not bother you.

OK, this tea obviously needs a shorter steep time… I’d suggest 2 minutes. The citrus flavour is nice and fresh, but it is easily oversteeped. The tea tastes more like lemon than grapefruit to me, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s OK as a morning ‘wake up’ tea. But it needs sugar. I think it definitely would make a nice iced tea, as the front of the package suggests. I should have done that!

So now, I’ve taken my hour to write my post, and I can’t spare any more hours… the marking awaits. See you next week, on the other side of the black cloud!

***UPDATE*** I took the once brewed leaves and re-steeped them, poured the tea over ice, and am now enjoying a nice cold pitcher of iced tea in the fridge. It is lighter, crisper, NOT bitter, and still has a nice fresh citrus flavour. I think this is the way to go with this tea!

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