Teatoxy #2 Energize: Teatoxy

I’ve had an earworm… a song stuck in my head for over a week. It haunts me all day and all night. It won’t leave me alone! I even hear it running through my head as I’m trying to sleep… still there! It’s there as I’m doing my lesson planning, and it’s there as I’m standing in front of my class, speaking to them. It’s there as I’m talking on the phone with a friend. It’s there as I’m watching TV. It’s driving me freaking insane!!!!!! I did a little research on the ever trustworthy Wikipedia…  ;-P  and found that they recommend doing OTHER hard things with your memory, like anagrams, sudoku, or reading a novel. I’ve done’em all, baby, and STILL…

Are you on fire?

From the years?  etc. etc.

GAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!  Why, why, why did I listen to Indigo Girls??? This always happens with them. I should know better! Surely this weird phenomenon can drive people mad!

So… What else can I do to distract my poor brain? I know… blog about tea! This one promises energy… perfect! I have a lot to do today!

Energize by Teatoxy

Energize by Teatoxy

Teatoxy’s Energize contains Thai lemongrass, Pandan leaves, Moroccan Rose Petals, Bluechai, and Lavender. It’s really really pretty and it smells beautiful! Like a garden! Rose and lavender and something warm and toasty that I can’t identify… toasted nuts? It reminds me of walking through a garden centre in the spring… one of my favourite things to do after a long winter! Mmmm… can’t wait to brew this! The directions recommend 2 heaped teaspoons in boiling water for 8 minutes!

Blue tea! Smells like roses!

Blue tea! Smells like roses!

The tea steeps to a dark blue colour (see Blue Chai) and the aroma drifting out is really yummy. Roses, lemon, and nuttiness. Teatoxy recommends a squeeze of lemon to turn the tea purple. I want to taste it straight first.

Wow! This is my favourite of all the Teatoxy detox teas! At first, I taste the rose and the nutty/ grassy flavour. That must be the pandan leaves. It’s delicious! It reminds me of toasted rice… sweet and nutty. Then, you get a little pop of lemon just as you swallow, and the lemony nutty sweetness stays in your mouth. It’s a really interesting combination of flavours and I love it!

Teatoxy recommends a squeeze of lemon to turn the tea purple, and enhance the lemon flavour. I don’t have any, so I cut a slice of lime and squeeze it in. The colour changes to a pretty purple!

Purple tea! Lime is a mistake! Use Lemon!

Purple tea! Lime is a mistake! Use Lemon!

ohhhh, no… this was a mistake. Now it’s bitter and the lime and rose flavours definitely clash. I should have used lemon. But interestingly, this seems to have drawn out the taste of roses. The aftertaste is pure rose! It would be nice, except for the slight bitterness. I should have stuck with the straight tea. That was just perfect without any lemon or lime!

I’ve steeped a second cup… much better… and am now feeling ready to get some work done. I DO feel energized! Now if I could only get rid of that damned song!! Somebody help me!!!

BIG THANK YOU to Teatoxy for sending me these 3 super delicious detox teas! Check out “Teatoxy Morning” and “Teatoxy Calm Me” here.


2 thoughts on “Teatoxy #2 Energize: Teatoxy

    • The Blue Chai (butterfly pea flowers) doesn’t really have much flavour of its own. If anything, it has a very mild taste like green peas, but it’s not noticeable when combined with other things. The most common thing to combine it with is lemon because that also changes the colour to a spectacular purple! I think it’s just in this tea for the fun of having blue tea! For me, the pandan leaves were a new flavour… rice-y, nutty, popcorn-y. It was great!

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