Assam Second Flush 2014 Green Tea: What-Cha

Assam Second Flush 2014 Green by What-Cha

Assam Second Flush 2014 Green by What-Cha

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down…

Before Christmas break, I was a teacher of beginning English… “Hello, my name is  ____” and “I go, you go, he goes…”. Sigh… after 4 years, I could teach it in my sleep. I might actually have been teaching it in my sleep. After Christmas break, I was tossed into one of the highest levels (which I have never taught before) and suddenly I need to know about things like “adverbial clauses”, “prepositional phrases”, and “argumentative essays”! Whew! It’s been a long time since I had to exercise THOSE muscles! I’m coming home every night EXHAUSTED!!! I am SO TIRED, I can’t even make a cup of tea!! NO TEA!!! This is disastrous! Well, my students were obviously thrilled to arrive at their first, well-deserved weekend, but nowhere near as thrilled as I!!! FINALLY, I can sit down with a nice cuppa, and try to figure out what to teach next… and even… BLOG! Wow!

This “Assam Second Flush 2014 Green” is the last of my awesome samples from What-Cha, and I’ve been saving it for a ‘green tea’ kind of mood. That’s when I want a light, clean flavour, not quite as airy and ethereal as white tea, not as exotic and perfumed as oolong, and not as heavy and earthy as black. This sounds perfect! And since it’s What-Cha, I’m expecting great things!

Opening the package, I smell sweet straw, buttered pecans, and plummy/apricot notes. It’s like fresh baking… warm and inviting. I steep the wiry leaves for 45 seconds and it has that nutty, buttery aroma, almost like a Long Jing. I inhale deeply and it smells like sweet, butter and honey with a hint of yellow beans (sweet and yellow).

I steep it in a gaiwan for 45 seconds, but I forgot to cool the water… so it’s a bit hotter than I normally give a green tea. Then I was so eager to try it, I forgot to take a picture of it! (boy, this new course has really thrown me off my game!) So the flavour was a woody green… a bit stronger than I wanted (water too hot!), but with a nice buttery flavour and a somewhat citrusy-orange finish. There’s a lot going on here! It’s interesting and lively. Not a boring, flat green at all!

Assam Second Flush 2014 Green in Grandma's teacup

Assam Second Flush 2014 Green in Grandma’s teacup

I steep a second cup for 45 seconds (remembered to snap a pic!), and it’s still got a woody kick to it and a fairly strong astringency at the end. The aroma is like toasted chestnuts, but the aftertaste has a hint of bitter citrus.

This isn’t my favourite tea from What-Cha, but I admit I probably need to take more care in the steeping. I’ll try it again with cooler water and a bit shorter steeping time, and post later. Right now, I’m going for a third cup, so it’s not bad, by any means. Oh… this one is the most mellow and sweet of all! I guess you have to treat this tea nicely to get the best out of it. Overall though, it’s clean and fresh tasting, and will get me through some serious lesson-planning. Now, to figure out how to teach “comma-splices”! hmmmm…

SUPER BIG THANK YOU to What-Cha for providing 10 fantastic teas and giving me lots to blog about! Check out my faves: Kenya Hand Rolled Purple Varietal Oolong, and Darjeeling First Flush 2014 Badamtam SFTGFOP1 AV2 Clonal Black, and Nepal Second Flush 2014 Cannon Ball Green. Absolutely Superb!


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