Bubbie’s Baklava Oolong: DAVIDs TEA

My Christmas holiday featured lovely visits with family and friends, and a trip to my Aunt’s basement to smuggle out the family photo albums left by my Grandmother. OK… maybe not ‘smuggle’… she knows. Anyway, Mom and I carted off several boxes of albums to be scanned into the computer so that I could have copies of them. I spent days sorting through old, lost treasures, reminiscing and remembering with love all that made me who I am. Not a bad way to spend Christmas holidays! One of the ‘treasures’ was this shot of me, circa 1970 (age 2-3?)… having a TEA PARTY with Grandma and my cousin, Mark!

Tea with Grandma and Mark

Tea with Grandma and Mark

You know, they say personality is set by age 5, so you can see where my life was headed! Later, I served tea to Raggedy Ann as well, so clearly, this was a very important ritual in my 2-year-old life!

Serving tea to Raggedy Ann

Serving tea to Raggedy Ann

Now, my “Bubbie” was called “Grandma” and she never made baklava as far as I know, but she did have a full arsenal of secret “Grandma recipes” that were to die for, and if she were here today, I know she would be delighted to sit down and have a “Bubbie’s Baklava” tea party with me! This dark Oolong tea features pineapple, papaya, cinnamon, walnut, apple, ginger, almond, cardamom, pepper, pistachio, rose blossom, and artificial flavours. Wow! It smells divine! Warm and spicy… like ginger snaps and oatmeal cookies and yes, baklava. I can even smell the rose! It’s awesome!

Bubbie's Baklava by DAVIDs TEA

Bubbie’s Baklava by DAVIDs TEA

I steep 1 1/2 tsp in my magic steeper for 4 minutes, as per the directions. I’m using Grandma’s pretty “December” teacup, even though it’s January (waited all year to use it, and then didn’t get back here til January 1!) The warm aroma fills my house. It reminds me of fresh-baked gingerbread! The tea is a spicy brown colour and it tastes like walnuts and almonds, cinnamon and ginger and cardamom, and sweet honey and roses! OMG! It’s so DELICIOUS! It’s like all the yummy holiday baking that your grandma ever baked, all rolled up into one little teacup! The nuts and cinnamon are most prominent, but not overwhelmingly so. That lovely warm honey taste of baklava stays in the mouth. It’s a smooth, sweet cup. I steeped a second cup, but the tea was lighter and tasted mostly of cinnamon. The first cup was better, with more of the nuts and other spices shining through.

Bubbie's Baklava in Grandma's teacup

Bubbie’s Baklava in Grandma’s teacup

This is the perfect winter tea! The nutty, spicy flavour just makes everything warmer. Without a doubt, this is the tea I would serve to my Grandma, my cousin, and Raggedy Ann at our Christmas Tea Party!

Bubbie’s Baklava” is available for a limited time at DAVIDs TEA. Also check out “Sleigh Ride” and “Eggnog“!



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