Yi Fu Chun: Yezi Tea

Golden Sunrise: Toronto

Golden Sunrise: Toronto

Woke up to a sunny golden morning… sunshine bouncing off the lake and streaming through my windows for the first time in days… maybe weeks! Last week I had a whirlwind 3 days trip to England, via Iceland. It was cold. It was icy. It was DARK! The entire 3 days were DARK. Iceland was dark. Manchester was dark. We only saw daylight for a few hours on the second day. We commented on the late sunrise (after 9 AM) and the early sunset (4 PM) and the few hours of dark and cloudy daylight (daygloom?) in between. Here in Toronto, things aren’t much better, but then there was THIS morning! Fantastic!

All I saw of Iceland: Dark

All I saw of Iceland: Dark

I decided I need a hearty tea to start this jam-packed, busy day. No greens, no whites, no herbals. I need steam! This Yi Fu Chun from Yezi Tea is labelled as “Red Tea” which means “Black Tea” to North Americans. It comes from the Nanhu Mountains in Fujian, China, and it looks very similar to my Golden Monkey and Yunnan Gold black teas… that is, short, black, fuzzy twists, with golden tips. It smells sweet and plummy with a super fresh earthy aroma. Can’t wait to try it!

Yi Fu Chun by Yezi Tea

Yi Fu Chun by Yezi Tea

I steep 1 tsp of leaves for about 50 seconds. The tea is a light, golden red/brown. It smells so sweet and warm! The first sip is sweet with fruity, plummy notes. It’s not too strong… just a gentle, mild, earthy sweetness. There may be hints of caramel in here, and the teeniest, tiniest bit of smoke in the finish. It’s very nice. In fact, it’s so mild and sweet and smooth, it’s a bit TOO relaxing! It’s making me feel super relaxed and calm and I just don’t want to move off of this sofa in the sunshine… This isn’t what I expected at all! I thought I would get power and energy! Now I just need another cup of this smooth “red tea” and possibly, a nap!!

Yi Fu Chun in mug

Yi Fu Chun in mug

This is a delightful black tea, without any tannins or bitterness. It’s so smooth and sweet and relaxing, it’s just perfect for a lazy day on the couch… even better with a good book! Unfortunately, that isn’t my plan for the day, and I have to get moving. Next time I have a lazy pyjama day filled with sunshine and sofas, this will be the tea!

BIG THANK YOU to yezi tea company for providing this fantastic tea, along with Jasmine Pearls Mo Li Hua, Tie Guan Yin Master Grade, Da Yu Ling Oolong, and Silver Needle Bai Hao Yin Zhen!

One thought on “Yi Fu Chun: Yezi Tea

  1. That’s part of the sample pack that Yezi sent me for review as well! I haven’t gotten to it only because of the sheer number of samples from different vendors I’m rotating through, but after your review I’m looking forward even more to trying Yi Fu Chun. Sounds yummy!


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