Nepal First Flush 2014 Oolong: What-Cha

Nepal First Flush 2014 Oolong Tea by What-Cha

Nepal First Flush 2014 Oolong Tea by What-Cha

Hello? Hello? Anybody there? I think I once had a tea blog…. I can’t remember…. yes… I think it’s all coming back to me…

It’s been a crazy crazy crazy month so far and I haven’t been able to blog for WEEKS!!! WEEKS I tell you!!! Here’s what happened…

I spent most of November travelling back and forth between here and my hometown, planning for my parents 50th Anniversary party. That was a BLAST! Great fun! Happiness all around! What a fantastic accomplishment, and what a great day… full of joy and love! So, that happened at the end of November.

The day after that party, I got  very last minute notice that I needed to go to England quicksuperfastpronto for my graduation! I had already deferred the grad until next July… but NOW I was to receive a prestigious academic award, and needed to be there! I spent that week racing to make last minute arrangements (have you ever tried to arrange flights/hotels/cars for a transatlantic journey in just 3 days??)!! I dragged my poor mother all the way to Manchester on a moment’s notice, attended the grad, received my award, and flew home the next day, only to go back to work for the rest of the week in jet-lag mode, tea-deprived, and dreaming of weeks and weeks of sleeeeeeeeep… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… It was the whirliest whirlwind trip I’ve ever whirled!

Whirly Trip

Racing to England!

And now, here I am. Home. Alone. Party done. Grad done. A weekend to myself for the first time in months… I think I’ll have some tea!

This Nepal First Flush 2014 Oolong was sent to me by What-Cha a few months back and I’ve opened it twice to start a post, but never got the chance to finish. I’ve been dying to get to it!

I open the package and it smells like fresh fruit and cut grass. Pungent and fruity. There’s a bit of orange in there, and a hint of straw.

I steep a heaping tbsp of tea (looks like thin, twisted wires) in a gaiwan for 40 seconds. It smells SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goooooooooooood!!! Honey and oranges! It’s a clear, warm golden colour, like honey. The first sip is sweet, light, and fruity. It has a nice full-bodied ‘tea’ flavour, but with no bitterness or astringency. It’s just fresh and clean, and tastes like I expect really good tea to taste. Which reminds me… one morning in Manchester, we went down for breakfast, and I ordered tea, thinking I would get a lovely fresh “English Breakfast Tea” to start my day. The swill that came out of that pitcher was undrinkable! I left it sitting there… couldn’t swallow it! What I wanted was something like THIS!!! I was quite disappointed at having bad tea IN ENGLAND… but let’s forget about that and focus on how DELICIOUS this What-Cha tea is!

Nepal First Flush 2014 Oolong Tea in Grandma's teacup

Nepal First Flush 2014 Oolong Tea in Grandma’s teacup

I steep the second cup for about 55 seconds. This is an even richer cup. The orange notes are more pronounced. It’s very crisp and fruity and clean. There is a slight astringency at the end, but no bitterness at all. The aftertaste is sweet and fragrant.

A third steep for 2 minutes is still sweet and flavourful… almost floral. The orange flavour lingers in my mouth. What a nice way to spend a lazy (at last!) afternoon! I can’t wait to get back into my tea stash and get back to blogging! Lots to tell!

BIG THANK YOU to What-Cha for providing this sample. EXCELLENT, as usual!

(also from Nepal, see: Nepal 2nd Flush Cannon Ball Green, Nepal 1st Flush Silver Oolong)







5 thoughts on “Nepal First Flush 2014 Oolong: What-Cha

  1. That sounds delicious. I recently had a feng huang dan cong oolong which had a peachy, mango aftertaste. I love those types of oolong!


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