Jade Ti Guan Yin: teageeks


Jade Ti Guan Yin by teageeks

Jade Ti Guan Yin by teageeks

Happy December 1st! You know what that means? Only 18 more teaching days before my 2 week staycation! Woohoo! Yes, we are ‘counting down’ at work and we are SO ready for a break… even an unpaid one!

Speaking of breaks… I’ve been craving a tea-break all day, but haven’t had one… so it’s time to do something about that! It’s still early, and I have some work to do at the computer, so I want something strong and powerful and inspiring to get me through the next couple of hours. I think this Ti Guan Yin from teageeks looks fresh and inviting, so let’s go with that!

The crisp little balls are a dark emerald green and the aroma is amazing! It smells like a floral, fragrant Ti Guan Yin, but with a deeper, more earthy base and a rich, lemony citrus finish. This is no light, floaty, drifting up into the clouds Ti Guan Yin! This smells like a firmly earthbound, rooted in dirt, secret, ancient lemon grove Ti Guan Yin! And I haven’t even tasted it yet!

Bloggy Froggy steeping Jade Ti Guan Yin

Bloggy Froggy steeping Jade Ti Guan Yin

I steep 1 tsp in my bloggy froggy teapot for 35 seconds. The tea is a lovely, light yellow, and smells like cream and flowers. I didn’t do a rinse, and now I think I should have. The flavour isn’t very saturated at this point. It’s nice, light, floral, fragrant, with a smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel. There is a hint of citrus in the finish, but not as strong as the dry-leaf suggested. I wonder if the second cup will be more potent.

Steep #1 Jade Ti Guan Yin

Steep #1 Jade Ti Guan Yin

I leave the second one for about a minute and it’s a wee bit darker yellow. Ahhhh… this one is more saturated and it leaves a bit of that awesome citrus-y perfume in my mouth. That’s the little kick I was looking for! It’s still not as strong as some other Ti Guan Yin I’ve had, but maybe it’s a little more refined. The pure, clean taste is refreshing and delightful!

Steep #2 Jade Ti Guan Yin

Steep #2 Jade Ti Guan Yin

I steep cup number three for 3 minutes. I want to see what happens with a longer steep. The floral flavour is still there, but the lemony citrus flavour is quite faded. Even after 3 minutes, there is no bitterness at all, but there is a tiny bit of astringency.

This tea is really surprising! It smells strong and citrus-y, but the flavour is lighter and more delicate than I imagined. That’s not a bad thing… it was really lovely! Maybe I will drift up into the clouds after all!

BIG THANK YOU to teageeks for providing this delicious sample (along with Very Berry and others). Check out their subscription services for more delicious tea!

2 thoughts on “Jade Ti Guan Yin: teageeks

  1. Mmmmmmmmm! Oolongs are wonderful, and I love the way you described this one here. I have a sample of Tie Guan YIn from a different company to try at some point… Maybe this will convince me to try it sooner rather than later. 🙂


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