Very Berry (Palais Royale): teageeks

Ugh! It’s been a long, cold week! Winter has arrived! Dang! I was hoping this year would defy the laws of nature and just stay in perpetual Fall. But no… cold, snow, ice, wind, grey have found their way home! Morning sun is freezing cold and evening commutes are dark, bleak, and slower than frozen molasses. The night is black and cold. I hate winter.

Verry Berry (Palais Royale) by teageeks

Very Berry (Palais Royale) by teageeks

To lift my mind out of the blackness and into the light, I’ve opened a tea that looks like a cherry-berry-fruity-red-party-in-a-teacup! This beautiful deep red berry blend smells like sweet, sweet summer berries: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, vanilla, and cream. Blackberry, black currant, honey, and raisins! It’s an olfactory feast! I haven’t even steeped it yet and it’s making me happy! I check the actual ingredients, and I’m not far off…  “papaya, hibiscus blossoms, currants, blackcurrants, blueberries, elderberries, strawberry and raspberry pieces”. Sweet!

Teageeks recommends 1 tsp per cup, for 3 – 5 minutes. I’m using a bit more tea, and steep for about 4 minutes in a basket infuser. It’s a bright cherry red! Pretty! And it smells so sweet and creamy, as opposed to tart and hibiscus-y.

Very Berry in Grandma's pink teacup!

Very Berry in Grandma’s pink teacup!

And the taste… POW!! TART and hibiscus-y! Only at first! Then, in the mouth, a deep richness, like wine. But after I swallow… there is this dreamy/creamy cherry/berry sweetness that is nothing like the initial tartness. It’s so rich and decadent and luxurious!

This tea is almost too much to handle. It’s got layers of gorgeous fruity flavour and an intense, sweet creamy finish that feels like I just ate the most decadent and fluffy strawberry cheesecake! Teageeks calls this the “queen of fruit teas” and I have to agree. I can’t think of another fruit tea that packs so much flavour! I kind of want this tempered with some dark, bitter chocolate!

This tea is available on, and through their subscription services!

Big THANK YOU to teageeks for providing this luxurious and delicious sample!

**UPDATE** December 2

I’ve been leaving a pitcher full of this in the fridge and guzzling it throughout the day. It’s SOOO GOOD!!!! And better than pop or juice! No sugar!! Try it!



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