Too many tea stories!

It’s been “all tea, all the time” around here, and I have so many tea stories to tell, I don’t know where to start! Do I start with the gigantic shipment of yummy oolongs that I got from Tea Vivre? Do I start with the frog teapot story from Tea Vivre? Do I start with the overflowing tea cupboard and the backlog of reviews waiting to be posted? Do I start with the Tie Guan Yin from Yezi Tea that I’m about to taste for the first time? I think I need a staff of 5 to run this blog! It’s getting out of control!

Let’s do this… I’m putting all the tea stories in this post, and I’ll make a new post for the Tie Guan Yin.

Chapter One:

On Saturday I finally picked up my oolongs and my frog teapot from Tea Vivre. They were sitting at the post office waiting for me for a week, but the post office has such limited, crappy hours (9-5), that I cannot get there during the work week. They always torture me by delivering my pickup ticket on Monday and then I have to wait the whole week til I can pick up on Saturday. Question: What good is a post office that you can’t access? Answer: None. No good. Not at all. Anyway, now I have this giant pile of oolong tea and a little froggy teapot waiting to be put to use.  Thanks Tea Vivre!

Tea Vivre tea and Frog Teapot

Tea Vivre tea and Frog Teapot

Chapter Two:

I ordered the most adorable little froggy teapot from Tea Vivre and have been waiting anxiously for its arrival. I picked it up Saturday from the aforementioned useless post office. When I got it home and unwrapped it (extremely well packaged, by the way), it seemed to have a little piece broken off. There was a rough, jagged, sharp lump of clay on the top of the lid as if there was once an ornament there which got chipped off. I contacted Tea Vivre, who assured me that this was part of the design… “rocks” they said. I disagreed. It was rough and broken. They tell me all the frog teapots are made like this.

teapot lid

Broken? Rocks? You decide.

They offered to exchange it for a different pot. I didn’t know what to do… thought about it for 2 days.  Finally, I decided that I love the little frog more than I hated the little chipped off part. I didn’t want to pay for more shipping, and I didn’t want to wait another 6 weeks for a new pot. I didn’t want any of the other designs. So, I thought “Why not just sand off the rough, jagged part?” I used to make pottery in Japan, and when something came out of the kiln a bit wonky, my teacher would often sand off the offending bits with an electric grinder! Egads! Surely I could do this… with my little battery powered manicure tool! It’s like a dremmel drill for nails! It’s meant for fine, delicate work on living human fingertips… how bad could it be? I used the hard stone tool to carefully grind down all the rough edges on the lid so that it became a smooth rounded surface like the rest of the teapot. After that little ‘operation’ I have to admit, it looks GREAT! Now, I’m SO HAPPY with my cute little froggy pot, and I just spent 2 hours cooking it and seasoning it with Tie Guan Yin, so it’s all ready to go! Can’t wait to drink buckets of Tie Guan Yin from my adorable frog pot! Thanks Tea Vivre! I do realize that teapot surgery isn’t for everyone, and Tea Vivre DID offer to exchange it for me, but this really was the best solution for me! I LOVE my little frog! I’m calling him ‘Rocky’.

smooth rocks

Sharp, jagged bits smoothed down. Surgery a success!

Love my cute little bloggy froggy!

Love my cute little bloggy froggy!

Chapter Three:

My tea cupboard is overflowing. I have no food in my fridge, and no food in my cupboard (other than a box of Cheerios), but I have enough tea to float a boat! I need to do something about this! In box number one, I’m putting all the “extra” teas that I have already blogged about and that I can afford to pass on to others… This box is going into work with me to see if anybody else wants tea! In box number two, I’m putting all the teas (22 in total) that I haven’t tasted yet. If your company rhymes with ‘Tea Vivre’, ‘Yezi Tea’, ‘TeaGeeks’, ‘Teatoxy’, ‘What-Cha’, ‘Tsaa Tea Shop’, or ‘The Metropolitan Tea Company’, and you are wondering where all the reviews of your teas are… please be assured that I’m drinking as fast as I can! I suddenly got flooded with teas from several people all at once, and now I’m a bit overwhelmed. It will take me a while to get to all 22 teas, but I am determined to do it. Please bear with me. I AM excited to try your tea, but I need a little time to give each tea its proper due. I’m also declaring a ‘tea-freeze’. No more teas coming in until I’ve dealt with all of these!

All the tea not in China!

All the tea not in China!

Chapter Four:

Tie Guan Yin by Yezi Tea…  to be continued.


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