Elderflower White: teageeks

Elderflower White by teageeks

Elderflower White by teageeks

Remember “Fuzzy Peaches” gummy candy? Wait a minute… is this only a Canadian thing? I don’t know. If it is… well… sorry for you! This tea (dry leaf) smells EXACTLY like those sweet yummy peachy candy slices! It’s a yummy fuzzy peachy smell that blasts out of the bag, instantly kicking me back to my teenage years when these first appeared. Sweet!

This is a Chinese white tea with elderflowers and marigolds. It looks like Bai Mu Dan with pretty yellow ribbons running through it. I don’t know if elderflowers smell like peaches… never seen one! But I don’t know where else the peachy aroma is coming from. It’s wild!

I steep a heaping tbsp in a mug (and was so eager to taste it that I forgot to wait for the water to cool). Teageeks recommends using cooled, or even cold water for this. But as winter is rolling in here in Toronto, I want hot tea in the evening. So, I’ve probably brewed this at the completely wrong temperature. Hope I don’t ruin it!

Elderflower White in a skinny mug

Elderflower White in a skinny mug

Once steeped (60 seconds), the tea is a golden yellow, and the aroma has changed. There is now a more vegetal, sweet, green bean smell mixed with the sweet smell of honey and peaches. It’s a little weird, and I wonder if the boiling water has released some extra weirdness into the tea. It’s not a bad weirdness… but really unique!

The first sip… wow! This is weirdly delicious! In the mouth, I’m getting a rich green bean, floral, sweetness, and then at the finish it’s all very peachy! It’s so difficult to describe. Never had anything quite like this. The delicious peach flavour stays long after I swallow.

I steep another cup (90 seconds) just to see what happens. The green bean taste is reduced, but the peachy flavour is still easily identifiable. It’s more mild and mellow, and I can now taste the white tea itself which seems to me like a sweet Bai Mu Dan (but not identified by teageeks). This is a sweet, gentle cup… quite relaxing, and nice for an after dinner drink!

I’ll happily finish my sample pack of Elderflower White, but I must confess that I like the OTHER teageeks teas better. Maybe I was so blown away by the OMG! Rooibos and the Gooseberry & Orange that nothing else compares! If you really love peach, apricot, and fruity teas, this might hit the spot!

BIG THANK YOU to teageeks for providing this and other samples! These are available in their subscription services.


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