Jasmine Pearls Mo Li Hua: Yezi Tea

Today, humans landed a probe on a travelling comet, just this side of Jupiter, which is almost as amazing as this tea! Almost.

Jasmine Pearls by Yezi Tea

Jasmine Pearls by Yezi Tea

I opened the cute little package from Yezi Tea and my whole kitchen filled up with the freshest, most intoxicating jasmine aroma! It almost makes me delirious, it smells sooooooooooo goooooooooooooood! I drop a teaspoon of pearls into a gaiwan and steep for 45 seconds. Watching the pearls uncurl was really interesting… like watching stop-motion photography of bean sprouts growing… a beautiful little tea pearl ballet! And the smell… oooooohhhhhhh my goodness…. heavenly!!!!

Jasmine Pearls Mo Li Hua in Grandma's teacup

Jasmine Pearls Mo Li Hua in Grandma’s teacup

The first cup was absolutely fantastic! My only complaint was that it ended too quickly! The pale yellow tea is sweet and jasmine and light without a hint of bitterness! Some jasmines can be heavy and bitter, but this was sweet all the way through. It’s smooth, perfumey, and light. The finish is clean and cool, with no astringency.

The second cup… well… disappeared just as fast as the first! I barely have time to write about it, it goes down so smooth and so fast! It’s just divine! I left this one for about 2 minutes, which is much longer than I usually leave any tea. But again, there is absolutely zero bitterness, and the flavour is sweet, smooth, and perfumed.

I’m going for a third cup immediately. 3 minutes steeping… still awesome! When I think of some of the bitter jasmines I’ve had, I can’t believe it’s the same tea! The flavour lingers in my mouth for a long time… cool, sweet perfume! Love it! Out of this world!

BIG THANK YOU to Yezi Tea for providing this absolutely divine Jasmine! This is what tea should be!


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