Calm Me: Teatoxy

Calm Me by TeaToxy

Calm Me by Teatoxy

Too much to do! Too much to do! I’m making long lists of all the things to do because I can’t keep track any more! My memory card is full! Need to buy new storage! Need to buy new brain! Life is feeling very ‘whirlwind-y’ these days and I need to slow it down! Slow down! Calm down! c-a-l-m—d-o-w-n—…

So, Teatoxy asked me if I wanted to try their set of detox Teatoxy teas, and although I’ve never been much into the whole “detox” thing… or the whole “healing through herbs” thing, I said “Sure”! I don’t put much stock in vitamins and potions, and I don’t really expect much from teas and tisanes other than a tasty brew. So I may not be the ideal reviewer for a complete detox program, which is what Teatoxy offers. I don’t think I’ll be sticking to any particular schedule of drinking the tea, nor will I expect any obvious health benefits. It’s just not me. I just want a nice calming and delicious cup that I can drink a couple of hours before bedtime, and not be ‘wired’ for the rest of the night!

Teatoxy sent me 3 generous packages of tea, plus the cute little strawberry infuser, and it arrived within just a few days! Super fast!

TeaToxy set

TeaToxy set plus strawberry infuser

I’m starting with the “Calm Me” tea which lists the ingredients as: German hops, Thai hibiscus, marigold, peppermint, cornflower, goji berries, lemon slices. If you are interested in the health benefits, Teatoxy has a fantastic slideshow jam-packed full of info at I’m just going to ignore that and open the bag!

It’s really colourful and pretty, with lots of flowers and lemon slices throughout. The aroma is very strong with peppermint and something medicinal like tea tree oil or camphor! I’m a bit scared. The package warns that the hops may become bitter if left too long, so I’m going for a steep of 2 – 3 minutes.

Calm Me label and directions

Calm Me label and directions

I heap 2 big teaspoons into a basket infuser (the lemon pieces and some of the flowers and hops don’t actually fit into the strawberry infuser. They are BIG pieces!). I steep for about 2 and 1/2 minutes. I stop it because it smells strongly of peppermint and lemon and medicinal oils. Surprisingly, the tea is a bright, deep fuchsia!


Calm Me in fuchsia!

The first sip is hmmm… interesting… I think I have steeped it just perfectly! The first thing I taste is lemon and hibiscus. It has a nice tartness in the mouth… sweet and sour… not bitter. Then, as I swallow, the tea feels quite astringent and drying. It’s like a cross between ‘oil of oregano’ and ‘tea tree oil’… strange, but not unpleasant… is that the hops? I’ve never had hops before, so it’s new and a bit shocking. It is just on the edge of bitter, but not quite. I think a few more seconds would have ruined it for me. I’m glad I stopped it when I did. The finish is actually very clean, with a cooling peppermint sensation. It feels almost medicinal while it’s in the mouth, but it’s not evident in the after-taste. I can taste the goji berries toward the end.

I don’t think this will be a favourite tea, but it’s not bad. The strong aroma scared me a bit, but the taste isn’t scary at all. It’s better than I feared! I think I might like to add a little more lemon and maybe some honey. The website advises against all sugar in the diet… but it might suit me better (I know, I know… stubborn me!)

I look forward to trying the other two Teatoxy teas, if I can break free of the whirlwind one of these days. They look really pretty and delicious too!

If you are interested in the Teatoxy detox program and health benefits, check out their super-informative website HERE.

BIG THANK YOU to Teatoxy for providing 3 teas for review and a cute little strawberry too!







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