OMG! Rooibos: teageeks

OMG! Rooibos by tea geeks

OMG! Rooibos by tea geeks

I have a confession to make. I’ve been drinking this mind-blowing OMG! Rooibos all week and absolutely loving it, and am only now getting around to blogging it! I’ve just been too exhausted! The first week of a new session at school… yada yada…. OK.. the point is:

This is FREAKING AWESOME Rooibos! This is billed as “orange, grapefruit, and mint rooibos” and it smells sooooooooooooo fresh and  juicy and grapefruity, it makes my mouth water! The aroma is just incredible! I don’t even like grapefruit… can’t stand to eat it… but this is out of this world mouthwatering! And look how pretty it is, with all the red, gold, and green bits! Culture Club would be proud!

I’ve been brewing this every night after dinner. I get home late, make dinner late, and then have a couple of hours before bed. I don’t want to be strung out on tea, so was looking for some interesting herbals. I’m bored to death with ‘Sleepytime’ and ‘Chamomile’. Bedtime doesn’t have to be bored-time!

I steep a tbsp of tea in a basket strainer for a good 5 minutes. I really want that grapefruit flavour to come through! Steeped, it’s a deep, bright red colour and it smells like oranges and tangerines! So juicy!

OMG! Rooibos in a mug

OMG! Rooibos in a mug

The flavour is really unique. At first, it’s light, fresh, and juicy, with lots of citrus flavour in the mouth. After I swallow, I taste the rooibos… a combination of sweet, orange-soaked wood and grass. But there is also a minty coolness that leaves a clean, cool, and refreshing aftertaste. Then, after a bit, a dreamy creamsicle taste throws you back to your childhood. It’s an amazing combination that I just can’t get enough of!

This OMG! Rooibos really lives up to its name! OMG! Delicious!

Whew! I feel so much better getting that off my chest… it’s not nice keeping these awesome teas secret! I should have told you sooner!

Big THANK YOU to for providing this sample. Check out their subscription services for this and other yummy teas (Hoji’cha Karigane!).


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