Kenya Flowery Pekoe Green Tea: What-Cha

Kenya Flowery Pekoe Green Tea by What-Cha

Kenya Flowery Pekoe Green Tea by What-Cha

Today reminded me why I love my job. In the middle of teaching my class, I saw a face peeping through the window in the door. It was an old student from a couple of years ago. I couldn’t remember his name, but I knew that he was one of mine. I opened the door to say hello and he greeted me with a big smile. He was carrying a very large white envelope in his hands and as he opened it, he said “Teacher, I just wanted to show you… I just came from my graduation”. He pulled out his beautiful gleaming white diploma from Osgoode Law School. I saw his name and remembered where he started from. The bottom. He started at the bottom. My students are often referred to as “Level Zero”. They come to Canada with big dreams, but little, to no English. If they make it through our insanely difficult 8-level language program, they may get admitted to their university programs. Most never do. I know full well that most of my students will not make it past level 3 or 4, and will end up going back home before they ever get into a Canadian university. Yet, we keep on teaching… and we keep on hoping… for days like this, when one student out of all the hundreds finally makes it through. Wow! I was so proud of him, I thought I would burst! He wanted to thank me for giving him a good start, and asked if I had also completed my MA. I told him I just finished, but he beat me to the graduation! It’s days like this that remind me why I love my job. Even a single student’s success makes it all worthwhile! Teachers know what I mean.

I’m thinking “flowery”, “pekoe” and “green” sound like a perfectly lush and rich combination, suitable for this happy occasion. This “Kenya Flowery Pekoe Green Tea” from What-Cha consists of short rolled up green leaves and one compressed leaf-ball! It smells super sweet… fresh and lush and nutty and fruity!

I steep about 1 tbsp in a basket for about 45 seconds. It’s a pretty, light yellow colour and it smells like sweet hay.

Kenya Flowery Pekoe Green Tea

Kenya Flowery Pekoe Green Tea


The first sip is very mild, sweet, and grassy. It reminds me of the ‘blooming teas‘ with its tones of honey and hay. It’s very light and clean, with little aftertaste. It it wasn’t for the sweet hay-y taste, I might think this was a white tea, it’s so mild. But then, after a few sips, I start to notice mild floral notes in the finish. Long after I finish the cup, I taste hay, clover, and orange. It’s delightfully light, fresh and clean! Not at all what I expected. I thought it would be deep, green, and lush, but it’s delightfully light, fresh and clean!

A second cup, steeped for about a minute, is still sweet like hay, but now there is a more fully developed citrus/floral taste that’s really reminding me of a Dragon Well. There’s a bit of pistachio-nuttiness at the start, but it almost transforms in the mouth, into a beautiful, magical floral bouquet… still with a clean, flowery finish and a tiny hint of astringency. It’s fantastic! This would be a good “middle of the afternoon… please bring me some clarity” kind of tea. It’s so light and refreshing, it will surely clear the mental cobwebs away!

So, “Cheers” to my student for finishing his law degree! “Cheers” to me for finding the world’s most fulfilling job!

And Great Big Thank You to What-Cha for providing another fantastic tea! (You really need to check them out!)

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