Qilai Mountain (Taiwanese high altitude) Oolong Tea: Hancha Teahouse

Qilai Mountain Oolong by Hancha Teahouse

Qilai Mountain Oolong by Hancha Teahouse

Where did all this ‘tired’ come from? The MA is done and I’m supposed to be Livin’ La Vida Loca! Painting, exercising, beading, arting and crafting, walking, visiting, dancing, gettin’ down, and livin’ it up! Yeah… ain’t happening. Coming home from work exhausted and drained and with the energy of a brick. It’s late… I eat… I clean up… It’s later… I don’t want tea, and I don’t want to blog it. And then it’s bed-time. I need to turn things around! I need to get energized! I need a revival! I need a nap!

Hopefully this delicious and fresh looking oolong will put a little ‘zip’ into my evening. Maybe it’ll recharge the batteries for a couple of hours!

This Qilai Mountain Oolong was sent by Hancha Teahouse as part of their “Summer 2014 Tea Tasting Pack”. How sweet! The accompanying “Oriental Beauty” was awesome! Hope this is too!

I’ve taken this out of the little cloth pouch to have a closer look. It’s a nice fresh green oolong, and it smells sweet and fruity. This is a Taiwanese high altitude oolong, and I already know that means delicious! Let’s see…

I steep the leaves in a mesh basket for 40 seconds. The tea is a fresh, bright green, and the leaves haven’t really opened much (ooohhh, I’m thinking I should have rinsed the leaves first). The first sip is a mild, somewhat grassy/ vegetal surprise. It’s fresh, clean, and more delicate than I imagined. It doesn’t have the deep floral perfume of a ‘Tie Guan Yin‘, but it is more light and feathery like the ‘Nonpareil Taiwan Li Shan Oolong Tea‘ from Tea Vivre. The delicate floral aroma kind of sneaks up on you at the end, leaving a very fresh and lightly perfumed finish. I love it! This tea is so light and breezy, I can imagine sipping it from a pier-side patio as you watch the sailboats drifting along the horizon… blue sky and white clouds, and gulls floating high overhead. It needs a summer’s day!

Qilai Mountain Oolong in a mug

Qilai Mountain Oolong in a mug

I’m going for a second steep, now that the leaves have had time to relax and open up a bit. I leave this one for 60 seconds and again, it’s a light, bright, sweet smelling tea. It’s still a lovely, delicate sweet grassy flavour… slightly vegetal… with a hint of fragrant florals evaporating in my mouth. It leaves a sweet whisper of perfume, but not too much.

I think some teas are rooted in Earth… rich, dark, iron, earth, roots, wood, malt… and others just lift you up into the Air… light, breezy, perfumed, elegant, delicate, clean… This is definitely one of the latter. I don’t know how long this battery charge will last… but it doesn’t matter. Once it lifts me up… up… up into the stratosphere… I’m happy to drift among the clouds with the birds!

THANK YOU to Hancha Teahouse for this delightfully lightfully elegant oolong!



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