Tie Guan Yin: ???

Tie Guan Yin: mystery gift

Tie Guan Yin: mystery gift

Ohhhhh, my students are lovely! They come from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, and China. Yesterday we learned about “I like Mexican food.” (nationalities and adjectives), and one of the examples in the textbook was “I like Chinese tea”. I said that of course, I really, REALLY LOVE Chinese tea, and I drink it every day. And… today my student brought me three little packages of Chinese tea! Lovely students!!

Tea Guan Yin packages

Tea Guan Yin packages

It took a while for me to figure out that this is Tie Guan Yin, but despite all my internet searching, I cannot find the tea company. I tried asking my student, but understanding is a bit limited at the moment. I’ll keep trying. Maybe one of my sharp-eyed multilingual readers will be able to read something on the packages. One little piece says “Refined Chinese Tea XIANGPIAO” and another part says “Guoyin Gift”. That’s all I can make out. I searched for these online, but I can’t see this package anywhere, and I’m not sure what the true connection is.

I open the foil pack and inside there is a little plastic baggie full of fresh, bright green tea. And the aroma!! My goodness… it is POWERFUL!!! Strong, floral, fruity, citrus, flowers, perfume… all that is mind-blowing about Tie Guan Yin! It’s just heaven!! And I haven’t even brewed it yet! This is a real treat!

Open bag of Tie Guan Yin

Open bag of Tie Guan Yin

I steep a half a package (approx. 1 tsp) for 45 seconds in a mesh infuser. The tea is bright, clear yellow, and it smells sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood: sweet, and perfumey! It’s absolutely intoxicating… I can’t even describe it! It’s definitely one of the strongest Tie Guan Yin teas that I’ve had.

Oh, the taste… just heavenly! It’s sweet and juicy and it makes my mouth water. Goddess of Mercy… this is delicious! I wish I knew how to describe the taste of Tie Guan Yin. It’s a cross between big bold flowers like lilies and sunflowers and orchids, and honey, and a bottle of expensive perfume. Surprisingly, it doesn’t leave a super perfumey after-taste. It’s just clean, clear, and a bit sweet. A strong aroma, a rich flowery taste in the mouth, and a clean, sweet finish. Fantastic!

Mystery Tie Guan Yin in a mug

Mystery Tie Guan Yin in a mug

I’m going for a second cup, and could probably get about 5 – 6 more cups out of this. But it’s quite late and I don’t want to overdose before bed. I’ll stop at 2. The leaves are still nice and crisp and green, so they look like they could keep going for a long time!

I would love to recommend this tea, but I don’t know who makes it.  Big Thank You to my  lovely student!

If anyone can tell me the company, I’d be grateful!




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