Nepal First Flush 2014 Silver Oolong Tea: What-Cha

Nepal First Flush 2014 Silver Oolong by What-Cha

Nepal First Flush 2014 Silver Oolong by What-Cha

My Mom came to visit me this past weekend. I love it when she comes to visit. We go shopping. We eat in nice restaurants. We watch movies. We drink tea. You know… girly stuff! This time she bought me this adorable TEAPOT charm for my bracelet… so sweet! I love it! I have the best Mom!

Silver teapot charm from Mom

Silver teapot charm from Mom

In honour of the silver teapot, and my awesome Mom, I’m going with this silver oolong tea tonight. I don’t know what that means. I’ve never had ‘silver oolong’. I look it up, but can’t find anything online. What-Cha notes that it is only sold by one other seller, so I guess it’s quite unique! What I’ve learned tonight is that it’s an organic, lightly oxidized oolong with fruity/citrus flavours. Sounds yummy!

I open the package to find twisty, downy leaves. It looks like the love child of Silver Needles and Bi Luo Chun. The aroma is really weird! I can’t name it. It’s an herbal/ grassy/ pungent smell that makes me sneeze. I can’t even imagine what it will taste like!

Let’s steep! I’m going with cooler water since it seems a bit delicate. I use a gaiwan and steep for… EEK!!! too long!!! 3 minutes!!! I poured it and then got sidetracked trying to get the neighbour’s smoke out of my house!!! It’s gagging me!!! DISGUSTING SMOKERS!!!!! So, in the time it took me to open all the windows, turn on 2 air purifiers and 2 fans, spray room scent around the room, and light 3 candles…. I think I might have oversteeped my tea! Not to mention the fact that I now cannot smell anything except vanilla room freshener! What that will do to the flavour, I don’t even want to know! Jeez!! What else can I do??? Why should I have to suffer through every one of their disgusting smokes?? Isn’t my rent money just as good as theirs?? oh…. sidetracked again…  back to the tea….

It’s a nice golden colour, and it smells better than it did dry. It smells like oranges and flowers. I don’t know if this is what orange blossoms smell like (we’re short on orange trees here in Toronto), but it smells really fresh and light and summery! Oranges… and something sweet, like sweet green peas or sweet corn.

The first sip is wow! Very fruity and citrus-y! It’s a rich, full-bodied citrus, with a clear, fresh, cool aftertaste that feels super clean! Because I steeped it so long, there is a bit of an edge to it… almost bitter… but not quite. It’s like a delicate Silver Needles white tea, soaked in orange peels. It’s very refreshing and clean! Oh pooh! I forgot to take a picture! I’m so distracted tonight! It’s all the smoke!!!

Nepal First Flush 2014 Silver Oolong in Grandma's teacup

Nepal First Flush 2014 Silver Oolong in Grandma’s teacup

Second cup… First picture… steeped for 45 seconds. It’s lighter than the first. Still fruity. Still orange-y. If I ever find myself in Nepal, I will fully expect it to smell like silver oolong and oranges! Ohhhh… I’m just imagining myself there now. Away from this disgusting and toxic cigarette smoke. Orange blossoms… orange clouds… orange mist… orange light… silver water… silver breath… silver thought. Much better.

Big orange THANK YOU to What-Cha for providing this delicious sample!

Big silver THANK YOU to Mom for the delicious teapot charm!

**UPDATE** November 16. Just tried it again and brewed it right. Mind-blowing good! SUPER sweet, smooth, creamy, with mild sweet fruity citrus notes. OMG! Awesome! I obviously oversteeped it last time. This time I used more leaf, and a shorter steep. EXQUISITE!


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