Oriental Beauty: Hancha Teahouse

Oriental Beauty by Hancha Teahouse

Oriental Beauty by Hancha Teahouse

Today I received this sample pack from Hancha Teahouse in Hong Kong! Nice huh? They sent it out just for people to enjoy a good cup of tea. Isn’t that nice?! It made my day!

There are 2 bags of high altitude Qilai Mountain Oolong, and 2 bags of Oriental Beauty. I’m starting with the Oriental Beauty. I feel like something sweet and rich after dinner, and this might be it.

I steep one bag in my push-button glass steeper (don’t know what it’s really called) for about 30 seconds. Yes, I ignored the package instructions, as usual. OK, so I have a lovely copper coloured tea which smells like caramelized honey. Smells yummy!

It first hits the mouth just like that… caramelized burnt sugar sweetness. And it’s smooth, smooth, smooth. It almost tastes like milk tea although I haven’t added any. But the surprise comes after you swallow. The after-taste is a lovely floral, flowery, orange-y perfume which is just divine! I didn’t see that coming! It starts out so smooth and sweet… I never expected the orange/ flowers at all! I don’t know where that came from! Must have a second cup!

Oriental Beauty by Hancha Teahouse in Grandma's teacup

Oriental Beauty by Hancha Teahouse in Grandma’s teacup

The second cup (35 seconds) is richer than the first. There’s now some malt flavour along with the sweetness. I’m finding the richness surprising for such a bright amber-coloured tea. I would expect it to be darker. It’s really beautiful though… no bitterness at all, and just a tiny touch of astringency at the end. I’m loving the intensity of this tea. It’s got a much deeper, richer flavour than most white and green teas, but doesn’t have the bitterness or tannins of many black teas. It’s a really good light amber tea with caramelized honey orange malty sweetness! I’d say that’s pretty complex! Nice! Made my day!

BIG THANK  YOU to Hancha Teahouse for sending this my way.

2 thoughts on “Oriental Beauty: Hancha Teahouse

  1. I really love the Oriental Beauty, as a matter of fact I am sipping some as I write this. I never thought of the almost milk tea taste but now you mention it, it has some truth to it.

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    • I just tasted the Oriental Beauty by TEA AVE, and it is also fantastic! Fresh, with notes of honey, plum, chocolate, and perfume… really intoxicating! Oriental beauty is so complex!


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