Darjeeling First Flush 2014 Badamtam SFTGFOP1 AV2 Clonal Black Tea: What-Cha

Darjeeling First Flush 2014 Badamtam SFTGFOP1 AV2 Clonal Black Tea by What-Cha

Darjeeling First Flush 2014 Badamtam SFTGFOP1 AV2 Clonal Black Tea by What-Cha

What shall I drink today? Lots to do. I need energy. I need power! Let’s see…

I need BLACK TEA!!! A jolt of energy may be just the thing! Let’s try this one… hmmm….. it seems to be written in some kind of secret code…

Darjeeling First Flush 2014 Badamtam SFTGFOP1 AV2 Clonal Black Tea… what could this mean? Something about badminton….sci-fi…audio/visual club…

  • Sing For The Great Fool Of Patagonia 1 All Voices 2?
  • Sweeping For The Girls From Ottawa Plains 1 And Vacuuming 2?
  • Stop Forgetting to Go For Oliver’s Pizza 1 Ask Vera 2?

Clearly, I learned A LOT from reading “The DaVinci Code”! Let’s research!

Darjeeling = a district in India, famous for tea

First Flush = early spring teas… light and bright and fresh (some say March-May, others say February-April)

2014 = the year after 2013

Badamtam = a tea estate 17 km west of Darjeeling town, planted in 1858. So, yeah, old.

SFTGFOP1 = Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (flush 1). Apparently, this is the highest grade of Darjeeling tea. The more letters, the finer the grade. As you go down in quality, you just knock the letters off the top. So, your FTGFOP is better than your TGFOP, which is better than your GFOP and your FOP! And don’t even think about your OP, or your QRSTUVWXYZ!!! So, this here… is the best! Yay!

AV2 Clonal = the tea cultivar “Ambari Vegetative”. This one is known for its floral notes. Also, it probably won’t run away on you.

Black = oxidized more than oolong, green, or white teas

Tea = a drink with jam and bread… that will bring us back to…

Do = a deer, a female deer.

…waaaaiiiit a minute… wrong movie… where was I??

I open the package and it immediately takes me back to my childhood because it smells exactly like Fig Newtons! I used to love those!! I haven’t had them in years! There’s that figgy bit mixed with that wheat-y cookie bit. It’s identical! Only fresher! LIVM! And, it’s fuzzy!

I steep 1 tsp of tea for about 4 minutes. UFB! Is this really black tea? It’s so light! Not at all what I was expecting! I guess I should have researched some pictures!

tea in a mug


Wow! Mmmmmm… This is so light and fresh and flowery! It has a bright, sweet honey taste at the start. Then, in my mouth it has a light, floral…kind of clover taste… like when you’re a kid and you pick the little pink and purple clover flowers out of the grass and suck on the ends, and it’s sweet and clover-y. It’s like that for a bit. The finish reminds me of wildflowers, with a tiny touch of freshly cut wood. All in all, it’s super bright and sunny, with clover and honey. I never knew a black tea could be like this! Darjeeling SFTGFOP… where ya been all my life?! CRZ! OK, I don’t know if the tea has given me the power I needed, but the alphabet soup was delicious!

AAMOF, it was 2G2B4G!

Great Big TYVM to What-Cha for this SFTGFOP1 AV2! YTB!!



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