Nepal Second Flush 2014 Cannon Ball Green Tea: What-Cha


Nepal Second Flush 2014 Cannon Ball Green Tea by What-Cha

Nepal Second Flush 2014 Cannon Ball Green Tea by What-Cha

Woohoo!! My 100th post!! Reason to celebrate! And I have LOTS to celebrate! I’ve finished writing my horrible thesis!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I’ve started back to work!! My class is really really nice!! Yesterday a lovely Chinese student gave me 2 packages of  Da Hong Pao from China!! And today I received in the mail a box full of  intriguing tea samples from What-Cha!! I don’t even know where to start!! 100 reasons to celebrate… I got’em!



I’m starting with this Nepal Second Flush 2014 Cannon Ball Green Tea by What-Cha (that awesome dragon logo – LOVE it!) because cannon balls seem like a good way to celebrate 100 posts! Fire away!

I open the bag and it smells GORGEOUS!!! Ohhhh it’s got that nice green earthy nutty smell kind of like a Dragon Well… but there is definitely a hint of citrus in there as well. And so FRESH!! I just want to smell it. It’s making my mouth water! And look at these cute little cannon balls! I want to hurl them at little paper pirate ships!

Cannon Ball in Grandma's teacup

Cannon Ball in Grandma’s teacup

I steep 5 balls in a gaiwan for about 4 minutes at a cooler 80 deg. (Oops! I think it’s too long, but I got distracted with the camera). The tea is a nice bright yellow. It starts with a smell of sweet corn, and has a pleasant full-bodied green/ straw/ grass in the mouth. But it’s the aftertaste that is really amazing! There is a very strong citrus taste that lingers… orange/lemon/grapefruit peel! It’s totally surprising, and really addictive! I immediately want more! I’ve never experienced this taste in a non-flavoured tea! It’s enchanting!

The second cup, at 40 seconds is much the same. I can’t get over that citrus aftertaste… it’s still there. It’s awesome!

Get your hands on this tea for your own 100 reasons to celebrate!

BIG HUGE THANK YOU to What-Cha for providing this sample!



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