Organic White Peony (Bai Mu Dan): Tea Vivre

Bai Mu Dan by Tea Vivre

Bai Mu Dan by Tea Vivre

Well, here I am with my second tea package for the day! I have just closed up the fish-scented Pu’erh and put it away, and I’ve picked out this Bai Mu Dan instead, because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a safer, fish-free tea for me! I kind of know what to expect with this one, and I’m sure it will be just the cuppa that I’m looking for!

Ohhhh yes! This smells lovely! Fresh grass and wildflowers! This smells like a fresh spring day, lying in the tall grass, making wishes on dandelion fluff, and watching the butterflies flutter by. It smells like fresh air!

The leaves of Bai Mu Dan are interesting to me because they are all different. Some are broken green leaves, and some are fuzzy white needles, and some are twisty twiggy bits. There’s something for everyone! Of course, this is a white tea, so you have to treat it nicely!

I looked on the Tea Vivre website for steeping instructions, and they recommend far more leaf than I normally use, and a much longer steep. But I try it their way. I steep 2 tsp in a gaiwan for 45 seconds at around 80 deg. Hmmmm… too long! It’s got a bitter edge. Drinkable, but not the sweet mildness I was expecting. Let’s try a second steep.

Bai Mu Dan in Grandma's teacup

Bai Mu Dan in Grandma’s teacup

I steep this one for 20 seconds, but it comes up a deeper yellow. Aaaaahhhhh, there’s that nice mellow sweetness! It has that floral sweetness that I love, but there is still some astringency there, leaving a very dry mouth. I think next time, I would use less leaf and a shorter steeping time… 1 tsp for 25 sec at first.

The third cup is the best yet! I think this is the only tea that I have ever ‘reverse engineered’! This one got only 15 seconds, and it’s a deep yellow, with an even milder taste, and much less astringency. The flavour is good. It’s light, but it has a richness that Silver Needles just doesn’t have. A very nice, flavourful white tea… just what I wanted! And no fish!

THANK YOU to Tea Vivre for providing this sample!

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