Menghai Palace Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea 2008: Tea Vivre

I’m sitting here looking at the package and I have to say… I’m a little scared.

My last Pu’erh… uh… had fins and gills… yeah, it really scared me off of Pu’erh. But, when Tea Vivre offered to send me a bunch of samples, I thought I’d give it another go… see what happens. So, here I am. Just me and my Pu’erh package. No fish in sight. Let’s dive in!

I open the bag, and… Ohhh nooooooooooo… It smells like FISH!!!! in ALLCAPS!!!! F.I.S.H. oh noooooooooo… What is with Pu’erh??? Why do people like it so much???? Is there one that doesn’t smell like fish????

Menghai Palace Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea 2008 by Tea Vivre

Menghai Palace Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea 2008 by Tea Vivre

OK, I’m not even taking this out of the bag. I’m taping it up and putting it in the far back corner of the cupboard until Doomsday. There are 3 good-sized chunks in there. If anybody wants it, send me a message… it’s yours!

Oh nooooooo… now I’m really debating about the next 3 Pu’erh packages I have… do I open them and try them, or do I just write off Pu’erh as “not my cuppa tea” and send them to somebody else? The thing is, I AM curious about Pu’erh. I know that some people ADORE it! I want to know their secrets! Do they just like the smell of fish? Or is there some secret non-fish pu’erh that I haven’t found yet? It’s a mystery to me!

What to do…. what to do….

This tea was provided by Tea Vivre who usually blows me away with their awesome, gorgeous, fantastic teas. Well, I’m sure it’s me… and not the tea, but there you go.

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