Fruit Sangria: Four O’Clock

Fruit Sangria by Four O'Clock

Fruit Sangria by Four O’Clock

Last day of August… last of the Summer Collection by Four O’Clock/Trans-Herbe. This deserves to be drunk in the actual summertime… so today’s the day!

First, let me say I love that little singing cow… bull… serenading the moon… It’s another miniature work of art by Montreal artist Bruce Roberts! And those little dancing aliens there… I think they’re flamenco dancers. Yes, little Spanish flamenco-dancing aliens. In high-heels. Being serenaded by a singing bull in Matador’s clothing. What could be more romantic?

This “Fruit Sangria” tisane contains hibiscus, apple, licorice, natural sangria flavour, and lemongrass. You know me… not a fan of hibiscus… but we’ll see what happens.

I’m brewing 2 teabags in a pitcher for all-day refreshment. When I first put in the water, the tea instantly turns dark blue! And then it turns dark pink. Fun!

Hm… I don’t have any ice. Who stole my ice?! I stuff the pitcher in the freezer and wait.

Poured a glass, filled it with raspberries, and spilled it all over the cute little aliens. How delightful!

Fruit Sangria with berries... no ice!

Fruit Sangria with berries… no ice!

Poured a glass, filled it with raspberries, and finally get to taste it. How delightful! It’s nice! Fruity like red berries… It has the flavour of Kool-Aid, but without the sugar. I can taste the hibiscus, but it’s not tart. I can live with it. This is a light, refreshing red-fruity tea which would be even better full of ice! Make sure you’ve got ice! And fruit!

And don’t spill it on the aliens!

BIG THANK  YOU to Four O’Clock/ Trans-Herbe for supplying this sample along with the others in the Summer Collection! 



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