Maple Tea: The Metropolitan Tea Company

Maple Tea by The Metropolitan Tea Company

Maple Tea by The Metropolitan Tea Company

Oooohhhhhhhboy! This morning had better get better soon!

I jumped awake suddenly at about 6:00 AM with the sensation/dream/hallucination? that I had just inhaled a bug… a silverfish, to be exact. And I was terrified that it was going up my sinuses and into my brain! Could it crawl around in there and destroy my brain? It seriously felt like there was something in there! I couldn’t get back to sleep!

So I got up for breakfast… and burnt my waffles. Well, I think they were already on the burnt side when I put them in the toaster… but I burnt them more! And I had no syrup in the house, so I had to use jam which isn’t as good.

I thought I needed something sweet to sweeten the day a little bit, so I reached for this Maple Tea. It’s a flavoured black Ceylon tea, and I’ve been saving it for the rare time I want something sweet.

First of all… there is nothing ‘maple’ about it at all. Trust me, I’m Canadian. I know my maple. Out of the package, it smells like Easter Eggs. The kind that has a candy shell and malted milk balls in the centre. So, I’m wondering why this Easter Egg tea is called ‘Maple’. Not getting it. I steep the first cup for about 2 minutes. It’s too long. It’s incredibly bitter and I actually had to pour it down the drain! Not good.

Wanting to give it a fair chance, I brewed another cup… 40 seconds. Now it is lighter and the bitterness is gone. Still, nothing ‘maple’ here at all. It has a mildly sweet ‘Easter Egg’ taste, but then… after you swallow, and sit there a bit… an aftertaste of… GASOLINE?!?!

Nope! Dumping this too!

This tea is from The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd.: the same company that makes the “Canadian Icewine Tea“, and that one was weird and grape-y, but drinkable. I would advise you to keep away from this “Maple Tea” and find yourself some real maple syrup instead… maple ice-cream… maple donuts… maple cookies… anything…

OK… I’m going in search of sweetness… “Fantasy Island” perhaps…

This day had better get better soon…

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