orange blossom: DAVIDs TEA

orange blossom by DAVIDs TEA

orange blossom by DAVIDs TEA

Yowch! What have I done to my back?!?! Woke up as a 90-year-old woman with a hip replacement! Where the heck did that come from? Feeling the need for some warm and soothing comfort, I decide to inspect Mom’s tea stash. This pretty ‘orange blossom’ from DAVIDs TEA sounded the warmest and sunniest. I’m pairing it with ginger cookies for extra heat!

This is a rooibos with orange peel, orange blossoms, currants, and vanilla bean. It smells like orange fizzy candy… you know that kind that has a hard shell and then when you hit the centre, it’s all fizzy? What was that? Anyway, for extra creaminess, I throw in a dash of ‘creme caramel rooibos’ from the same ‘caffeine-free collection’. I figure the orange/vanilla/ caramel combination could be extra good… and therefore extra good for my back. (Disclaimer: not a scientific study… do not base your health care on the scent of fizzy candy).

orange blossom and ginger snaps

orange blossom and ginger snaps

I brew this delicious concoction to a nice rich orange colour. I don’t smell orange, but a nice creamy, caramel sweetness. The first sip is hmmm… sweet, caramel, rooibos, with just a hint of orange in the background. What I’m mostly getting is the caramel and rooibos combination, although it’s not as deeply sweet as straight ‘creme caramel rooibos’. It’s fresh! I add my ginger snaps and for some reason that brings out the black currants! Cool!

So, to re-cap…  orange blossom tea + creme caramel rooibos + ginger snaps = a nice warm glowy feeling. I recommend it for the next time you wake up several decades older!

This tea comes from DAVIDs TEA and is part of the ‘caffeine-free collection’.

This adorable tea mat comes from my Mom’s cousin in England who does the most beautiful and elegant cross-stitch on the planet.

I heart teatime

I heart teatime


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