Nonpareil Taiwan Da Yu Ling High Mountain Cha Wang Oolong: Tea Vivre

Nonpareil Taiwan Da Yu Ling High Mountain Cha Wang Oolong by Tea Vivre

Nonpareil Taiwan Da Yu Ling High Mountain Cha Wang Oolong by Tea Vivre

See that? That there is pure bliss! Life is good!

One week ago, I escaped the construction at my apartment and came home to my parents’ place to work on my thesis. It was a very good decision! It’s quiet here… I can think. In the daytime I watch the butterflies in the garden…

Red Admiral

Red Admiral

and in the evening I drink tea with my Mom. Tonight I’m using her beautiful china teacup for this beautiful oolong tea and listening to the crickets outside on this hot summer evening. It almost reminds me of my Japanese house with the singing frogs. Quiet. Peaceful. And the writing is coming along nicely. I can see the end… finally! Good thing I came home!

Da Yu Ling in Mom's teacup!

Da Yu Ling in Mom’s teacup!

So, the tea… starts out as little dark green pebbles, and smells so flowery! Lovely! I steep the first cup for 30 seconds and it’s a bright yellow-green. The first sip has that gorgeous floral oolong taste like a Li Shan, or a lighter version of Iron Goddess. But it also has a smooth creaminess like chestnuts. It’s very light and airy. Delicious!

I leave the second steep longer. 45-60 seconds (not sure… chatting with Dad). The perfume is even more intense. The floral notes really shine. There is no bitterness, but there is a kind of mouthwatering… what is that… citrus?? at the end. I absolutely love this intense floral taste! Mom won’t try it, and Dad says he feels like he drank a whole bouquet of flowers! I think it’s heaven, and the aftertaste is a long-lasting and intense green, grassy, flowery perfume that just feels like a moonlit garden full of singing crickets!

This is truly a beautiful oolong… not as strong as others, but with a super fresh floral aroma that lasts and lasts.  It also happens to be one of the more expensive teas I’ve tried… but really worth it!

This was purchased from Tea Vivre.


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