Strawberry Daiquiri: Four O’Clock

Strawberry Daiquiri by Four O'Clock

Strawberry Daiquiri by Four O’Clock

Is there anything as sweet and delicious and girly as a Strawberry Daiquiri? I don’t think so! I can still remember the first time I ever tried one, over 25 years ago! My roommate and I had gone for lunch downtown at a popular restaurant called “The Pickle Barrel”. She insisted that we had to get daiquiris HERE because they were awesome. They WERE awesome… and HUGE, as they came in a gigantic heavy, blown-glass bowl type glass. Or, wait… was that “Hernando’s Hideaway”, with the gigantic blown-glass cactus glasses? Well, it doesn’t matter… since then, I’ve drunk A LOT of Strawberry Daiquiris from A LOT of gigantic glasses, in A LOT of awesome restaurants! But I still associate the best ones with “The Pickle Barrel”, and nowadays I’m more likely to drink them with my Mom! The ultimate summer ‘girly’ drink!

So, I’m quite excited to try this Strawberry Daiquiri tea from Four O’Clock! First of all, it has this cute little artwork by Montreal artist Bruce Roberts! Second… it smells like strawberries! The ingredients are: rosehips, hibiscus, orange peels, apple pieces, natural strawberry daiquiri flavour, strawberry leaves, licorice root, citric acid. Hmm… not a fan of hibiscus and rosehips, so we’ll see how that goes. And no actual strawberries? You would think they could toss in a couple of strawberry pieces, just to be real.  I cold brew 3 teabags in a big pitcher (long day of hard work ahead… I’m going to need lots!). It looks like a nice dark pink in the pitcher but it’s pale pink in the glass.

Strawberry Daiquiri on ice

Strawberry Daiquiri on ice

It smells like sweet strawberry candy. The taste is… hmm… It tastes like rosehips and hibiscus in my mouth… but after I swallow, there is a faintly sweet strawberry aftertaste. I try again. I don’t find the taste particularly ‘strawberry daiquiri’. It’s fruity and pink and sweet… and refreshing on a hot day… but it’s missing the strawberries. For me, this one is just “meh”! I much prefer the Cucumber Mint and the Pineapple Coconut from the Four O’Clock Summer Collection.

Well, it looks like I need a trip to “The Pickle Barrel” for that real daiquiri flavour after all. Yeah… after I finish this thesis… Mom… you and I have a date!

This tea was kindly provided by Four O’Clock/Trans-Herbe, and is a part of the Spring/Summer Collection. Big THANK YOU!

One thought on “Strawberry Daiquiri: Four O’Clock

  1. What ‘I’ like most about strawberry daquiri drinks are the fresh whole strawberries on a skewer IN the glass and lots of crushed ice. Maybe you should try ‘that’ next time with this tea. OR:.. we could just go to the Pickel Barrel and order one for each of us and talk about the wonderful teas you’ve tried. Sounds like a plan to me….. MomXXXX

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