Tie Guan Yin ‘Iron Goddess’ Oolong: Tea Vivre

Tie Guan Yin Iron Goddess by Tea Vivre

Tie Guan Yin Iron Goddess by Tea Vivre

What is with this tea??? This is surely the ‘Energizer Bunny’ of all teas! I mean, it just doesn’t quit!

I’ve been brewing it all day, off and on for about 12 hours, and I’m on cup #8 at the moment and it hasn’t lost a drop of its potency or flavour. I’ve never had a tea like this! It’s like magic! It’s the well that never runs dry! It’s the Golden Goose! It’s a perpetual motion machine! If I had to solve the world’s energy crisis… nuclear? solar? wind?… I’d go with this Tie Guan Yin from Tea Vivre! It is unstoppable! Midnight study marathon? Tie Guan Yin! Car outta gas? Tie Guan Yin!! Zombie apocalypse? Tie Guan Yin!!!

Well, I started steeping this morning, and was completely blown away by the fresh perfumey fragrance and taste of this tea. The first cup was delightfully light and floral, but the second was just out of this world saturated with thick rich flowers and waterfalls and perfume of the gods! It was almost too much to handle! The super intense green magical mystical fragrance just blew my mind! I had another cup and then had to stop, as my mouth continued to water with the floral aroma for hours afterward.

Later, around 4:00, I boiled some more water and poured another 3 cups (gaiwan style), and each one was just as flavoury as the last! 6 cups is usually the outer limit of brewing for me. Few teas make it that far… but they are not Tie Guan Yin!

Now 10:00 pm and I’ve just finished a 10 hour interview coding marathon, and wanted some tea… Tie Guan Yin… still sitting there. I thought surely it must be mild enough by now that I could squeeze out one last cup before bed, without risking caffeine overdose at this late hour… TIE GUAN YIN!!! Still going strong! I’ve just had 2 more intense cups, every bit as rich as the first 2, and I’m going for cup #9!! What the unholy heck is in this stuff???

Now, cup #9  has finally started to mellow. It’s still a brilliant yellow colour, so it hasn’t faded… but the perfume is now just ‘mild’ as opposed to ‘OUTRAGEOUS’. It’s where a lot of teas start their day! Very nice… mild, almost creamy… I’m detecting a chestnut flavour, instead of floral/perfume … very respectable! Still delicious!

I would gladly go for cup #10, but I just don’t think I can hold any more tea! (didn’t think I would EVER say that!!). You know, I think I have finally met my match! A tea that outlasted even me!!! I betcha I could get a couple more cups out of it in the morning!

Kudos to Tea Vivre for the Tie Guan Yin that would not die! I guess they don’t call it ‘Iron Goddess’ for nothing!

You can, and should buy it here: Tea Vivre,  but I was lucky enough to get it as part of Tea Vivre’s 3rd Anniversary special promotion, so THANK YOU and Congratulations to Tea Vivre for that!


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