Gold Dragon Flower: Canton Tea Co

Remember The Matrix? And the human battle against the machines? That pretty much sums up my life right now.

Out the right hand side, 26 storeys below, there is a garage-sized mystery machine whose sole purpose is to ROAR and BANG loudly enough to make the entire neighbourhood roar, rattle, vibrate, shake, and fear that Doomsday has arrived. I cannot fathom what it actually DOES, other than set my entire block, building, body, and the very air roaring with horrific mind-numbing vibrations. And the bangs… you know that banging sound when a garbage truck empties a dumpster… and it just crashes and bangs, and scares the crap out of you, and you can hear it 3 blocks away? Well, that… just never ends!! It goes on for hours! What kind of a machine needs to do that by the hour? It goes on all day, until 6:00 PM.


The Matrix machine

On the back side, there is jackhammering, buzz-sawing, and drilling as the concrete balconies are ripped off the face of the building. It makes my brain rattle, and my teeth shake. It goes on all day, until 6:00 PM.

Somewhere down below, somebody’s not too happy about all the construction mess, and there is an assortment of car-horns blasting about every 2 minutes. Not to mention the constant wail of EMS sirens! What the heck is going on?

And in front of me is the bane of my existence… the computer which enslaves me. The gruelling transcription work continues for 8 hours a day, every day, until I can’t see, and can’t move my arms any more. It is made more difficult by the roaring air, bouncing brain, and shaking teeth.

I need some beauty… some simple, quiet, natural beauty… to reconnect with the earth. To remember my humanity. To silence the machines.

FLOWERS. I need flowers. I see yellow and pink in this one!

Flowering Tea ball by Canton Tea Co

Flowering Tea ball by Canton Tea Co

This Gold Dragon Flower by Canton Tea Co is absolutely stunning! Mao Feng green tea, filled with a yellow chrysanthemum, a huge arch of white jasmine blossoms, and a bright pink globe amaranth. It’s too tall for my teapot! I have to add more water so that it can fully expand, and it still pokes out the top of the water! It is gigantic! And sooooo pretty! Gaze on this for a while, and it almost seems quiet in here. 

Gold Dragon Flower by Canton Tea Co

Gold Dragon Flower by Canton Tea Co

The tea is sweet, delicate, with a floral/honey flavour. It’s really sweet and lovely, and Grandma’s teacup makes it even better.  I re-fill the pot, and the flower arch springs up just as pretty as the first time. It’s a gorgeous work of art! This is so pretty, you almost can’t believe there are machines in the world… for a few minutes anyway.

flower power

flower power

But now, back to my transcription… back to the grind… back to The Matrix. The machines are there… waiting…

Peaceful and quiet THANK YOU to Canton Tea Co for supplying this sample.



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