Canadian Icewine Tea: The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd.

Canadian Icewine Tea by The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd.

Canadian Icewine Tea by The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd.

Why did I even want this tea? I don’t even like Icewine! It’s too sweet for me! I’m glad that Canada has done so well with Icewine. It’s a popular tourist request. But I don’t know anyone who likes to drink it. And to flavour a tea with it… I don’t know… this sounds weird. Although not as weird as the bacon flavoured tea that I found online. I know there are some companies out there making some pretty crazy tea flavours… but this is definitely the weirdest one I’ve found for sale in any Ontario stores. This Pure Ceylon black tea comes from The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd., but I picked it up at Park’s blueberry farm in Southwestern Ontario. They had fabulous blueberry baked goods! Maybe you know it.

The teabag itself smells like grapes/wine, and I steep it for about 3-4 minutes. It steeps to a dark wine-brown. The smell of fermented grapes fills my kitchen.

Canadian Icewine Tea in Grandma's teacup

Canadian Icewine Tea in Grandma’s teacup

The first sip tastes like a tannin-rich black tea… slightly bitter. But the aftertaste… weeeiiiiirrrd! That’s where the grape-y wine flavour rests! My whole mouth is filled with the taste of sweet… fruity… grapes… fermented… wine. It’s like a dark, red, grape-y wine-y tea flavour! Not being too familiar with any particular icewine, the closest thing that this reminds me of is the Kosher Manischewitz wine which a guest once brought to a party. It had such an unusual, sweet, grape-y taste, I can never forget it. This tea’s aftertaste is kind of like that.  I steep the teabag again and the wine flavour seems more pronounced, and the tannins less bitter. I guess it would make a good desert tea, just as Icewine is a good desert wine. It’s nice for an occasional treat, but a little goes a long way! I wouldn’t want to drink it every day, but when I’m in the mood for something a little off-beat… a little weird… this could be the one! Why don’t you come over and join me for a cup, and we’ll raise a toast to all things weird and off-beat, everywhere!

*aside* Just found out that the Manischewitz winery is located in Canandaigua, New York, which just happens to be the location of one of my favourite tea companies: Good Life Tea… further proof of the interconnectedness of all things! Did you ever watch the James Burke/ BBC TV show called “Connections”? I think he was onto something…

2 thoughts on “Canadian Icewine Tea: The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd.

  1. Interesting that you wrote about Canandaigua and icewine tea. We happen to sell this tea in our store – Good Life Tea. It’s very popular with our Canadian tourists. We also serve it during the wine walks we hold every month. If you’re in Canandaigua there is a Wine Walk this Saturday on Main Street.


    • Ahhh! Just as I said…. the interconnectedness of all things!
      I wish I was there and not here. That sounds far more interesting than the interview transcription that I’m mired in!


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