Cucumber Mint: Four O’Clock

Cucumber Mint by Four O'Clock

Cucumber Mint by Four O’Clock

Cool as a cucumber! That’s what I need to be! And I’m not just talking about the heat! I’m working furiously to plow through hours and hours of interview transcription and the pressure is ON! Yesterday I worked for 6 hours straight and only managed to get through 15 minutes of a 36 minute interview. 15 minutes per 6 hours is not a very great rate of speed. Today I need to finish that interview. Then I have 2 more interviews to do. At 12 hours per interview, that’s 36 straight hours of sitting at this computer. My right arm and left hip are paralyzed with pain, and wrapped in ice (arm) and heat (hip) as the muscles and tendons slowly fossilize. You know those fairy tales where people are turned into stone? This is how it happens. And I can’t afford to stop. My deadline is exactly one month away. Every day counts. The thought of it makes my head spin and my heart race. It makes me sweat.

Cool as a cucumber! Save me “Cucumber Mint“! Save me from being turned into stone! Rescue me from paralysis by keyboard! Send blasts of chilly cucumber power running through my veins! Bring back the cool!

This tisane is part of Four O’Clock’s Summer Collection (along with Orange Sorbet and Pink Lemonade), and features green tea, apples, spearmint, lemongrass, peppermint, natural cucumber flavour, and rosehips. Sounds Delish! And it’s cute… there’s little piggy me again! (artist: Bruce Roberts) I’m cold brewing 2 teabags in a pitcher, and adding fresh cucumber slices! Wish I had some fresh mint… ah well!

Cucumber Mint tea

Cool as a cucumber!

Brewed, it smells like sweet, juicy watermelon! Wow! That just screams summer! Let’s taste! Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyy gooooooossssshhhhhhh… this is SO GOOD!!! This is my favourite so far!! OK, when I lived in Korea, my co-workers would sometimes bring in these “Melona” frozen fruit pops as a treat.

Melona Fruit Pops

Melona Fruit Pops

They were made from honeydew melon and they were pure, sweet, foamy, cool, honeydew deliciousness! This tea tastes like that! Sweet. Cool. Melon. Cucumber. Tiny hint of fresh spearmint, just so it’s not too vegetal! This is awesome! If I had to pick one of the Summer Collection to buy, this would be it!

Mmmmm… I can already feel this cooling my brain and icing the pain! I feel chillin’ all over! Cool as a cucumber!

Super big THANK YOU to Four O’Clock/Trans-Herbe for providing this sample!



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