Pink Lemonade: Four O’Clock

When I started this blog, it was in the spirit of procrastination. I was looking for a diversion from my mind-numbingly boring research analysis. Seven months later, here I am in the same predicament. Let’s call it Research 2.0. I’ve never had the pleasure of spending hours and hours, painstakingly transcribing hours of interview data… today’s the day! I’m approaching it with dread. Surely there are better things I could be doing with this beautiful, hot summer’s day. Like sitting on the balcony, sipping at a Pink Lemonade! YES!

I always loved pink lemonade. The colour alone is one of the happiest things I can think of! I don’t have any of that here… but I DO have this Pink Lemonade tea (tisane) from Four O’Clock, and that sounds delightful! This is another tea from Four O’Clock’s summer collection (along with Orange Sorbet), and it features the adorable artwork of Montreal’s Bruce Roberts. So cute!

Pink Lemonade by Four O'Clock

Pink Lemonade by Four O’Clock

The ingredients are: lemongrass, apples, natural pink lemonade flavour, lemon myrtle leaves, citric acid, lemon peels, cranberries, hibiscus, licorice root. I’m cold brewing two teabags in a pitcher. Did I mention that it’s hot in here? Stifling.

The tea brews to a pretty light pink colour, and smells lemony! The flavour is a very smooth, cool lemon. I don’t taste any tartness which is surprising, considering the hibiscus and cranberry. I think the licorice tempers those a bit, making it smoother and sweeter. I haven’t added any sugar, so it’s a nice light, summery, fresh lemon drink!

Pink Lemonade by Four O'Clock/ Trans-Herbe

Pink Lemonade by Four O’Clock/ Trans-Herbe

Just for fun, I pour another cup and add some strawberries and some blue ice-cubes made with my “Blue Chai” tea from Blue Chai Tea Shop. This turns the tea purple, with red berries and blue ice. Pretty! Cool and lemony… with style! Ooohhh… and I can taste the strawberries too! Lemony-strawberry blue and purple deliciosity! This is wayyyyyyyy more fun than interview transcription!

Pink Lemonade with Blue Chai ice-cubes

Pink Lemonade with Blue Chai ice-cubes

BIG PINK THANK YOU to Four O’Clock/Trans-Herbe for providing this lovely lemon thirst-quencher!

Purple Pink Lemonade

Purple Pink Lemonade


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