C of Tranquilitea: Good Life Tea

C of Tranquilitea by Good Life Tea

C of Tranquilitea by Good Life Tea

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the craters of the moon through a telescope. It stole the air right out of the room and left me standing in stunned silence with tears in my eyes. It was breathtaking! It was shocking! It was magnificent! I wondered if Galileo felt the same way when he first turned his lenses to the moon in 1609.

I immediately ‘permanently borrowed’ a field guide to the moon from the bookstore where I worked, and tried to learn all I could about the craters, the mountains, and the plains visible to me in high-def. Most people don’t know (or care, I’m sure) that every detail that we see from Earth has a name… Copernicus, Kepler, Tycho, Julius Caesar, Democritus, Hercules… and then there are the ‘Mare’; the ‘seas’ which are easily identifiable with the naked eye. The “Sea of Tranquility” is the big dark spot just right of centre, and yes, it’s where the Apollo spacecraft landed, spilling out men who would walk on the moon. I doubt that there was any tranquility to be found in that moment.

Well, they should have had this herbal “C of Tranquilitea” from Good Life Tea! Look how pretty it is! So colourful! This is a house blend with a blueberry base, hibiscus and rosehips for vitamin C,  chamomile for tranquility, lemongrass for brightness, and amber sugar for a hint of sweetness. I steep it for about 8 minutes and it comes up a brilliant ruby red!

C of Tranquilitea ruby red

C of Tranquility ruby red

It smells kind of like blueberries and raspberries. The flavour is tart and crisp with blue and red berries and a mellow sweetness. I think it tastes like “Swedish Berries” candy! I also get a faint aftertaste of licorice, although that isn’t listed as an ingredient.  Good Life Tea suggests that this tea promotes calmness and helps with sleep, but I doubt that I would use it at bedtime. I find the tartness and brightness invigorating and energizing rather than calming and soothing… but that’s just me. It’s really delicious and fruity, and would make a great cocktail!

I think I will brew a cup the next time I’m moon-gazing with my telescope! I’m going to sink into the “C of Tranquilitea” and dream of Galileo… “King of night-vision… King of Insight”  (-Indigo Girls).

This tea was kindly provided by Good Life Tea and it did not get burnt up in a postal truck fire.


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