Orange Sorbet: Four O’Clock

I’m baaaaaack! I’ve had two weeks away. Away from Toronto. Away from construction and jackhammering. Away from my MA work. Away from my blog!

It was a lovely staycation… a little R&R with the family, a little shopping, my parents’ beautiful garden, visits with old friends, drives through the countryside, reconnecting with my roots… everything a lazy summer vacation should be!

And now I’m back, and rarin’ to go! An MA to finish! Interviews to conduct!  A house to clean! A blog to write!

Four O'clock Summer Collection

Four O’clock Summer Collection

When I arrived home last night, I found in my mailbox 6 awesome tea samples from Four O’clock! These are from their summer collection, and they sound delicious hot, but even more delicious cold! Listen to these mouthwatering flavours; Orange Sorbet, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pineapple Coconut, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Sangria, Cucumber Mint! Don’t they sound scrumptious?! These are caffeine-free tisanes with fruits and herbs and “natural flavours”.  If you’re anti-flavouring, you’ll want to steer clear, but it doesn’t bother me.  The added bonus is the adorable packaging, with little summery works of art by Montreal artist Bruce Roberts! So cute! Kawaiiiiiiii!

Orange Sorbet by Four O'clock

Orange Sorbet by Four O’clock

Today I’m cold-brewing a big jug of Orange Sorbet because it sounds so fresh and juicy and sunny, and because I love the little piggies drifting down the river in their little boat! That’s me… the little piggy in the big red hat! The teabags contain orange peels, lemongrass, licorice root, rosehips, turmeric root, safflowers, citric acid, hibiscus, ginger root, and “natural orange sorbet flavour”. It’s yellow ??! and it smells like a creamsicle! Yum!

Orange Sorbet

Orange Sorbet is yellow!

Icy! Cold! Orange! Sweet! Super refreshing! It’s awesome because you get the juicy, refreshing flavour of orange sorbet, or orange popsicle, but without the sugar! I don’t taste the hibiscus, rosehips, ginger, or licorice specifically, so I’m assuming that they are working somewhere in the background, enhancing the flavours of orange and citrus. The orange isn’t sour, and nothing is overpowering. It’s just as it sounds… orange sorbet. Fresh and cool! Very nice! In fact, I think I’m going to make some popsicles with this! Stay tuned!

So now… back to Toronto! Back to work! Back to reality!

Big orange Thank You to Christian at Four O’clock (Trans-Herbe) for providing these samples!


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