Organic Amber Dragon (Bai Hao): Tao Tea Leaf

Waiting…. I hate waiting… I just don’t have the patience! None! I just don’t have it! I need things when I need them… not 3 weeks later! I’m afraid I’m not feeling very Zen today.

I’m waiting for my new camera to arrive in the mail… so I can shoot nice pictures of beautiful tea! I’m watching the “tracking” which I consider to be a frustrating and useless invention, designed by Satan to make you think you have some control over where the thing is. It allows the company to say “yes, we sent it… please check the tracking number”, and that’s supposed to make everything OK. What is the point, when I can see that the package has gone from Depot #1 in the far west end of the city… all the way across (bypassing my house) to Depot #2 in the far east end of the city, and then on to Depot #3 in the interior of the city… and while they continue to play “hot potato”, they never bother to just deliver it! To me! How about instead of Depots #4, 5, 6… you just deliver it?! How many Depots does it take to deliver one package? (If you didn’t know, Canada Post is in extreme financial distress. I don’t know how that’s possible with all this ‘efficiency’ they’ve got going on.) But it’s all OK… I have a tracking number.


Second… waiting for 2 different universities to cut through 6 layers of bureaucracy to approve the work I need to do on my dissertation… unbelievable! I have an extremely tight time-frame to work with. Every day that they do not come to a decision puts my 3 years of work further in jeopardy, as my chances of meeting my deadline are slipping away. It’s like bleeding to death. You can see every last chance of your survival slowly and painfully drifting away… and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. I started the process weeks ago. I’m still waiting. I’ve sent and resent and resent and resent the documents. Still waiting. Waiting. For what? For what?!  For the cows to come home?! Why don’t they give me a tracking number?!?!


So I wait… and I drink tea, hoping that will somehow calm my nerves. “Nerves of steel”… I don’t have it!  Today I need “Tea of Steel” if I’m going to continue to sit here and wait, and not lose my mind! “Organic Amber Dragon” sounds like just the thing! Amber dragon fire is going to save me!

Opening the package, it smells like earth. It’s rich, dark, iron-y, with a deep fruity/woody scent like an aged oak barrel. This is good! I think it will ground me in iron and steel. Just what I need! The leaves are crinkly and brown, with some fuzzy bits.

Organic Amber Dragon by Tao Tea Leaf

Organic Amber Dragon by Tao Tea Leaf

This is a dark, oxidized oolong, and I want it strong. I thought I would steep it for 45 seconds, but it looks too thin, so I go for about 90. It smells really dark, and strong, like a black tea. It’s a beautiful rich amber colour which I cannot show you because both cameras have completely died. And the new one is at a Depot somewhere. I can give you the tracking number…

The taste… is really GOOD! It’s sweet, with fruitiness… like… chocolate? Yes, it’s reminding me of dark chocolate with dried apricots. The aftertaste is honey. I need another cup right away!

I steep it for about 3 minutes. It’s just as rich and full-bodied as the first. The apricot and honey really come through, and there is a little bite of wood and  tannins at the end. I’m surprised I could steep this so long without it becoming bitter. This is a great cup of tea! This gives you the deep flavour of a dark tea, but without the bitterness. The natural sweetness is just right! I’m going for a 3rd cup!

So, while I sit here and wait for my camera, and my research approval, I will drown my impatience in a cup of “Amber Dragon”, hoping to cool the fire within. Let me find my “Nerves of Steel” in this sweet, earthy brew.



This tea was kindly provided by Tao Tea Leaf in Toronto. BIG AMBER THANK YOU!




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