Ginger’s Tropical Island: Good Life Tea

Now HERE are some teas with a story! Several weeks ago, I contacted Good Life Tea in Canandaigua, NY  to inquire about samples. Robert kindly offered to send me some. I waited for a few weeks, and heard nothing more. “OK”, I thought, “Maybe he forgot… maybe he’s too busy… maybe he changed his mind. No big deal. Let it go”.  Not even once did I think “I bet the truck carrying the teas has crashed and burned up, along with all the packages”.

Burnt up tea

Burnt up tea

I was really impressed that the USPS would contact shippers with the story. I think if that happened in Canada, you would just never know what happened, and if you tried to find out, you would have to make 432 phone calls, spend 673 hours navigating the phone-maze, spend 84 hours on hold while they transferred you to another department who knows even less than the first person, and finally, they would make you drive for 4 days to some obscure postal depot outside of Yellowknife, where if you could just sing the national anthem in Inuktitut, sign on the dotted line, provide 18 pieces of ID (not including your health card, credit card, or gym membership), and give 4 pints of blood, they might be able to make up a theory about what happened to your package which would satisfy you enough to consider it a write-off and stop bothering them. And if you thought you wanted your money refunded… HELLOOOOOOOO…. this is a Canadian Government Corporation…. we don’t hand out free money here……

Well, I see that things work WAAAAYYYYYYY differently south of the border! First, the USPS explained the problem, and second… Robert notified me… AND he RE-SENT the teas… and here they are!! They. Smell. Awesome.

Good Life Tea: not burnt up

Good Life Tea: not burnt up

I have here a lovely, informative letter from  Good Life Tea, along with 3 pouches: “C of Tranquility”, “Gentle Slumber”, and “Ginger’s Tropical Island”. The combined smell of sweet herbs and fruits is enough to make a bumblebee drool! Sooooooo delicious!! I don’t know where to start!

I’m going with “Ginger’s Tropical Island” because of course, it reminds me of “Gilligan’s Island” which is where all lost Canada Post shipments go! Just look at how beautiful this is!

Ginger's Tropical Island by Good Life Tea

Ginger’s Tropical Island by Good Life Tea

This house-blended tisane contains Hibiscus, Rosehips, Coconut, and Pineapple, enhanced with ginger and lemongrass. Dry, it smells like fresh strawberry jam with a kick of tangy pineapple. Sweet and yummy! I steep it at just under boiling for 5 minutes. Now it smells like a luscious tropical pineapple/coconut cocktail with a little paper umbrella! And look at that delicious pink colour!

Ginger's Tropical Island: beautiful pink tea!

Ginger’s Tropical Island: beautiful pink tea!

First sip is tart, sweet, tropical, with a nice pineapple-y kick, and a smooth coconut finish. Oh… and there’s a surprise gingery burn in the back of the throat  that you don’t notice until after a few swallows! It’s nice! It’s like a strawberry-daiquiri / pina-colada on the beach…with a sunburn! Love this! I can easily imagine this cold, with ice! I would recommend this to anyone who needs an island getaway! Can’t you just picture kicking back in your hammock on Gilligan’s Island and sipping this tea from a coconut shell, while Ginger and Mary-Ann play badminton on the beach and the Professor tunes in the bamboo radio to the sounds of a lazy ukelele somewhere in the Pacific…   Aaaaaaahhhhhhh…  tropical!

*disclaimer* I’m sure my photos would have been much nicer if my new camera had arrived. It was supposed to be here today, but….  it’s on a mail truck…

BIG PINK THANK YOU to Robert at Good Life Tea for providing this sample, and to the USPS for not burning it up!






2 thoughts on “Ginger’s Tropical Island: Good Life Tea

  1. Burnt up mail truck, all the packages gone? I swear that is the stuff of nightmares, mine personally…I have an unhealthy attachment to getting mail.

    Personally I am not a fan of tart teas, but I have to agree with you, it is such a pretty tea!

    I hope your camera survives its trip!


    • Crazy story huh?
      I’m not usually a fan of rosehips and hibiscus, but this tea has so much else going on, it was easy to drink! I think the tropical pineapple and coconut do a lot to balance it! It was sweet and yummy, and I finished it today.
      Still no camera…. hope it comes Monday!!


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