Taiwan Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Oolong Tea: Tea Vivre

Dong Ding! Ding Dong! Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Anita who?

Anita cuppa tea!!

Thank you. Thank you. You’ve been a great audience. I’ll be back every Thursday. Tell your friends.

So what do we have here? No idea what Taiwan Dong Ding means… so let’s just open it up and see…

Sniff… sniff… sniff… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… green, vegetal, chestnut, pistachio, floral,  gorgeous saturated aroma!  The little green crinkly balls look like Tie Guan Yin, or Anxi Monkey King.

Let’s steep. While I wait for the kettle, I’ll try to get one of the useless cameras to work… battery battery charger battery shaky shaky battery change shaky battery battery charge shake shake shaky battery change charge battery shaky shaky shake battery… this may be a post with no photo after all… OH… I know… I’ll use my phone camera! It’s got the worst resolution of any camera on the planet, but at least it will actually shoot SOMETHING! TUNG TING!

**Note: Picture upgraded with finally working camera #2**

Dong Ding tea

Taiwan Dong Ding (Tung Ting) by Tea Vivre

I use a gaiwan and steep 1 teaspoon for 30 seconds. The tea smells really sweet. Mmm… very mild! Sweet and nutty, with a perfumey finish, but light as air!  It’s really delicious, but I want it a bit stronger so I can taste all the perfumey notes. Next cup will be steeped a bit longer.

Second cup; 60 seconds. Hmmm… still very delicate, and with a little astringency at the end. It has this tantalizing perfume aroma that is so promising… so ‘there’.. and yet, just out of reach! Do you know the story of Tantalus? That’s what this tea is! The next time I brew it, I’ll add more leaves.

This tea smells amazing, with a big, perfumey aroma that you would expect to be full and round in the mouth. But I’m finding it light and thin and delicate. It’s a delicious and elegant delicate, but somehow leaves me wanting more depth.  This is for the days when everything is jangling and jarring and irritating, and you need something pure, delicate, and clean, to soothe the nerves. I don’t know that it has the power to fuel my study schedule for today.


This was a free sample which came with an order from Tea Vivre!

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