Cream Earl Grey: Tao Tea Leaf

Cream Earl Grey

Cream Earl Grey by Tao Tea Leaf

Once, I dreamed of going to Brazil. Over my desk, I stuck this picture of the Amazon River at Manaus, showing the confluence (what a lovely word!) of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes (creative commons license). They run side by side, but never mix, resulting in a crazy phenomenon called “The Meeting of the Waters”. One half of the river is brown, and one half is blue. If you park your boat in the middle, you can scoop up two different colours of water from each side of the boat. Anyway, I put up the picture over my desk, and dreamed. Every day, when I was tired, or frustrated, or just sick of work, I would stare at that picture and dream of my escape. It was a promise and a beacon.

Meeting of the Waters

Confluence of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes at Manaus, Brazil

I made it to Brazil a year later. I took that boat down the Amazon in the pouring rain. It was awesome! A dream come true! The reason I’m thinking of that now is that this tea tastes like the Brazilian ‘Brigadeiro’ candy that my friend’s mom made for us one evening, and which we devoured straight out of the pot in about 30 seconds flat! Brigadeiro is a sweet, caramel-y concoction made with sweetened condensed milk and cocoa. It’s soooooooooooooo smooth and creamy and delicious and this tea takes me there instantly!

This Cream Earl Grey from Tao Tea Leaf smells like bergamot and liquorice in the leaf form. It’s got pretty blue cornflowers and twisty brown leaves. A perfect confluence of tea! I steeped it for 5 minutes… a bit too long (while I battled my internet provider for some actual internet provision), so it’s a bit stronger than I would like. But it does have a lovely fresh Earl Grey/ bergamot flavour, AND a wonderful sweet, milky, caramel-y, brigadeiro flavour that’s hard to describe, but easy to drink! I love this! There are 2 distinct flavours running parallel to each other and you can sample each from different sides of the boat! It’s awesome! The aftertaste is like a nice fresh Earl Grey with sweet cream. Delish!

I think I’ll re-pin this picture to my wall as a reminder. Dreams can come true. They are sitting there, off in the distance, waiting for you. But Disney was wrong… it’s not magic. You have to work for them with focus and perseverance. Could be the inspiration I need right now… along with this tea!


to Tao Tea Leaf for providing this sample!



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