Blooming Tea: Tao Tea Leaf

Blooming Tea by Tao Tea Leaf

Blooming Tea by Tao Tea Leaf

It’s a beautiful day! The sun is shining! I feel good! And no one’s gonna stop me now!  Oh yeah! – Freddie Mercury –

It’s a beautiful day for going to the pool… or going for a walk in the park… or sitting on the balcony reading a book… or spending it all indoors at the computer, trying desperately to finish writing a chapter of your thesis. hmmmm… I think I’ll go for the last one. That sounds like fun! Since I took a mental holiday yesterday and did no work at all, today is payback! Time to knuckle down! Time to get serious! Time for tea!

I’m hooked on flowering teas. They are so interesting and pretty to watch, and they taste so delightfully light and sweet… I want to try this one from Tao Tea Leaf in Toronto. I picked it up at the Toronto Tea Festival in February, so it’s time to use it up!

I have no idea what’s inside, but it looks pink and possibly orange. The website doesn’t specify, so I have to use my sleuthing skills.

I put the tea in my glass pot and wish I had a prettier pot to really show off the tea. Well, this one will have to do. It’s not pretty, but it works. This flower opens a little differently than some of my others. The green tea fans out around the bottom of the pot, and then there’s a sort of pile of green tea on top of that, giving it some height. It almost looks like it’s upside down. Next is a gorgeous orange lily, and then a couple of small white jasmine flowers, and finally a bright pink globe amaranth (figured that out from other flower towers). It’s an impressive tower!

Blooming Tea by Tao Tea Leaf

Blooming Tea by Tao Tea Leaf – opened-

The tea smells mildly floral/grassy/earthy… but the taste… AMAZING! It’s sweet like honey or corn syrup, but with a little tiny bit of earthiness in the background. I’m guessing that the tea is Mao Feng, since it tastes similar to the Canton Tea Co’s Mao Feng Flower Tower. (I may be wrong, but let’s pretend I know what I’m talking about). It’s really light, sweet, and clean. It leaves an aftertaste of marshmallows and vanilla… like Rice Krispie squares! Nice!

OK… back to work! Going to enjoy this gorgeous sunny day with my gorgeous sunny tea at my gorgeous sunny computer screen with my gorgeous sunny thesis! And no one’s gonna stop me now! Oh yeah!



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