Bi Luo Chun Green Tea: Tea Vivre

I just went down to my local tea shop, only to find it closed. Waited around… it never opened. Came home rather disappointed.

Got home and found an angry red rash all over my body in the pattern of my purse strap!! What the…?? How can you be allergic to a purse?

Soaked it in cool water, took an antihistamine, and now feel the need to sit quietly and sip tea. That should solve everything!

Bi Luo Chun. I have no idea what this means, so I’m just gonna open it and find out.

Bi Luo Chun by Tea Vivre

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (Pi Lo Chun) by Tea Vivre

Ooooohhhh cool! Bi Luo Chun apparently means “Looks like a fuzzy sweater”. It is soft and curly and fuzzy like spider legs, feels like little bits of  yarn that I used to use for rug-hooking crafts, and is a cool mix of dark forest green and fuzzy white. It smells awesome! It’s got that amazing sweet, floral, fruity (peachy? plum-y?) aroma that I can’t describe. It reminds me of the Premium grade Dragon Well, only a little earthier.

I’m not sure how to brew this one, so I checked Tea Vivre’s site and found really great directions here.  I guess I will put it in my tall glass pot and then strain it into my cup. Cooler water… 80 degrees so I don’t burn it! It opens up a pretty green in the pot.

Bi Luo Chun in glass pot

Bi Luo Chun in glass pot


I steep the first one for about 2 minutes. The liquor is a pale yellow. The aroma is sweet like honey. The taste is very fresh and sparkling! Very light… delicate. It’s a little sweet, a bit like honey, vaguely fruity. Not too floral. No grassiness, no bitterness. It’s really lovely… delicate and calming.

Bi Luo Chun in Grandma's teacup

Bi Luo Chun in Grandma’s teacup

The second… OH NO!! I’VE RUINED IT!!  I let it sit too long!! I had to go around and close all the windows to block out the noise of construction under my balcony… and when I came back… it’s darker yellow, and BITTER! Oh no… I can’t believe I ruined such a beautiful, delicate, sweet tea! I wonder if I can save it?? Tea gods… please be kind!

I dump the second cup, and do a third infusion, not knowing what will happen. Ohhh YES!!! Number 3 is wonderful! It’s a wee bit darker than #1 and now has a deeper, fuller sweetness and heavier feel. It’s more on the side of fruity than floral, and a bit like hay and chestnuts. There is no bitterness or grassiness. It’s really amazing!

So… lesson learned. This is a beautiful, delicate, sweet tea with no bitterness if you do it right! But be careful! It didn’t take much to oversteep it and make it undrinkable! The good news is, it was easily rescued, and the third infusion was sweet and mellow! A really lovely green tea that doesn’t taste green at all.

And I think that rash has faded away… now if I could just do something about that construction!

This tea was purchased in the Tea Vivre 2014 Spring collection.





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