Earl Grey: Four O’clock

Earl Grey by Four O'clock

Earl Grey by Four O’clock

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Even after all these years, Captain Picard’s voice pops into my head every single time I think of Earl Grey! I cannot NOT have these words run through my head! May they never be separated!

How can I NOT post this?

OK… so that’s done.

Now… I am not a tea-snob. I enjoy all kinds of tea. Even – GASP!! – commercial teabags! I know things get pretty crazy here on the ol’ blog, what with all the exotic and unpronounceable greens and oolongs, towers of flowers, and magical blue fairy-tale teas… but sometimes I want the simplicity and comfort of the familiar. Today I want Earl Grey. It’s my ‘first love’ in tea, and the one that never lets me down. Amazingly, I have never reviewed an Earl Grey here… so let’s get back to basics!

This organic, fair-trade Earl Grey is sold under the label “Four O’clock” which is produced by the Canadian(!!!) company Trans-herbe. I picked it up in Toronto’s “Evergreen Natural Foods”. They have an amazing boxed-tea selection! Lots of companies you won’t find in supermarkets.

When I first opened the box, the Bergamot was almost overpowering… almost like liquorice. The intensity was a bit scary, as I wondered just how strong it would be! It has mellowed over time though, and now just has that fresh/flowery, heavenly aroma that makes me high. (and by the way… why the heck doesn’t WordPress recognize the word Bergamot?)

I steep the tea for about 3 minutes. This one is actually much milder than it smells. I love it because I’ve never had it turn bitter. It just has a nice comforting, familiar Earl Grey taste. It’s fresh, floral/fruity, and feels soooooooo good! It has a little sweetness to it, and leaves a pleasant, clean aftertaste. No complaints… this is exactly what I wanted. If you are familiar with Twinings Earl Grey, I think the Four O’clock smells stronger and fresher, but tastes milder and sweeter. Not that I’m complaining about Twinings. I love it too… I just find it gets really strong, really fast!

So, here’s a nice, normal tea… no gimmicks… you can buy right off the shelf. Safe. Comforting. Familiar. Perfect. And endorsed by Jean-Luc Picard!

Purchase here at Trans-herbe, and check out their other interesting flavours (Pineapple-Coconut, Cucumber-Mint, Pink Lemonade… sign me up!!).


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