Blue Chai: Blue Chai Tea Shop

Blue Chai tea

Blue Chai by Blue Chai Tea Shop

Blue sky… Blue Chai!!

Have you ever seen a tea SO BLUE ? Isn’t it beautiful!!

I’m going to drink it with my blue sky and blue lake!

blue lake blue sky

blue lake blue sky

I’m so excited to try this tea!!

Let’s get a few things straight.

a) It’s BLUE!

b) It’s butterfly pea flowers, also known as Clitoria ternatea… (I’m not even going there.)

c) It’s from Thailand.

d) It’s magic. It turns purple when you add lemon.


Let’s investigate.

The tea is pretty little dried blue flowers. Not much smell in the package… if anything, it smells like dried chickpeas.

Butterfly Pea Flowers

Butterfly Pea Flowers

I steep 6 flowers in boiling water and it’s SOOOOO BLUE!!!! The smell now is mildly like sweet green peas. I’m told that I should add honey and lemon, but I want to taste it straight first, just to know what I have here.

Hmm… Ok… interesting… It doesn’t taste like much of anything. Again, there is a faint green pea taste. But that’s not a bad thing… I like green peas. I think I will go ahead and add the honey and lemon now.

purple tea

Purple Blue Chai

Ooooooohhhhh that was FUN!! Look at my PURPLE TEA!! I’ve added 1/2 teaspoon of dark buckwheat honey and a 1/4 inch slice of fresh lemon juice. So now I have this delightfully purple hot lemon tea with a mysterious liquorice aftertaste (from the honey?). Cool!! Obviously, this will be equally delicious as cold lemonade. And in mixed cocktails. And in ice cubes. And in my beloved Canada Dry Ginger Ale. And in… whatever…. the neutrality of the tea itself will go into anything! I can’t wait to experiment! Apparently you can turn you rice blue too! 

This tea is delightfully fun, and I think it will be great to experiment with some nice summer cocktails. I’ll try that later.

For more information and to order your own magical blue tea,  (and yes, I really think you need to get some for summer) check out!!

Stefan at Blue Chai  Tea Shop sent me a sample package and it arrived in only 3 days! Better than Amazon!!  



Update: June 5, 2014.

Brewed some blue chai and made ice. Dropped a few drops of lemon into a couple of the ice-cube tray slots so that some of the ice turned purple, some stayed blue, and some went pink. I also stuck some fresh raspberries in before freezing. Now I have really pretty ice cubes for water, drinks… whatever. Here is my ice-water! Sparkling water would be even prettier!

Blue Chai and raspberry ice-cubes

Blue Chai and raspberry ice-cubes



2 thoughts on “Blue Chai: Blue Chai Tea Shop

    • Hi Kathaleen,
      I think you need to direct your question to the company. I am only a blogger. I do not sell any products, nor do I collect money from anyone. If you have placed an order with Blue Chai Tea Shop, you need to contact them directly. I hope you get the tea soon! It’s really fun!


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