Premium grade Dragon Well (Long Jing) 2014: Tea Vivre

Premium Dragon Well by Tea Vivre

Premium grade Dragon Well (Long Jing) Green Tea 2014 by Tea Vivre

Well! I was sitting out on the balcony, enjoying my book and the sunny blue sky, when out of nowhere, it started pouring rain! Blue sky! Pouring rain! What?! Clouds followed immediately. Thunder and lightning too! What do you do when your sunshine and book is interrupted by a flash storm and clouds? Why, you come inside and make tea, of course!

This is tea #2 from Tea Vivre’s 2014 Spring package which I received yesterday. I previously reviewed the  Organic Superfine Dragon Well (2013??) which was LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I’m curious to see how this one compares!

I open the bag and smell… Ohhhhh..myyyy.. gooooooodnessssss…. it’s just heaven!!!! This smells sooo green and sweet and nutty…. like pistachio nuts and chestnuts and the sweetest perfumiest green EVER!! Can’t wait!!

The leaves are pressed, hard and glossy, and bright green, with little bubbles. For comparison, I lay out the leaves beside the Organic Superfine Dragon Well 2013. The Premium DW is a wee bit longer than the Organic Superfine DW.

Premium on top. Organic Superfine on bottom

Premium Dragon Well 2014 on top. Organic Superfine DW 2013 on bottom.

And just for fun, I lay out the gigantic Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui. The variety in tea leaves fascinates me!

Premium DW 2014 on top. Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui 2013 on bottom.

Premium DW 2014 on top. Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui 2013 on bottom.

Today I’ll be tasting the new Premium grade Dragon Well (Long Jing) from the 2014 Spring collection. Sounds like a fashion show!

I put the leaves in a mesh basket, in a big mug. They have lots of room to dance around. I brew at 85 degrees as instructed. Not sure about the time… My style is neither Western, nor Gongfu. I brew one cup at a time… not a whole pot. And I do like to steep and re-steep, but my mug is bigger than a gaiwan. I start with about 30 seconds. The tea is bright green!

The first sip is nutty and creamy. Not too grassy… nicely sweet. It’s not as perfumey as I expected, but it’s super fresh and crisp! After a few minutes, a nice sweet aftertaste hits me outta nowhere! (kinda like that rainstorm!) It reminds me of Arrowroot cookies. I think it’s getting sweeter, the longer I sip! (an effect of the tea cooling??)  There is no bitterness or astringency at all…. just sweet, creamy, and nutty. It’s really delicious! I think this is a great tea for people who think they need to add sweeteners to their tea. This might have enough natural sweetness that they could do without additives!

Going back for seconds… This time I steep it longer; a couple of minutes. It’s less sweet… more nutty… still  smooth and creamy. It hasn’t lost much flavour at all!

So, this is a delightful, fresh, smooth green for a cloudy, rainy day. I’d really recommend it for anyone afraid of bitterness. I don’t think it’s possible with this one.

Another great Tea Vivre tea!








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