Da Hong Pao Wuyi Rock Oolong: Tea Vivre

Da Hong Pao by Tea Vivre

Da Hong Pao Wuyi Rock Oolong by Tea Vivre

Bring me back down to earth, Da Hong Pao! Ground me in common sense and respect. Let me stand in the forest and breathe tree-soaked air through my pores. Remind me that we all come from the same crumbly dirt. Even the power-suited lipstick-y ones.

I just returned from an “information session” at the Government of Canada’s Employment Insurance office, which is code for “You lying, immigrant, no-good, alcoholic, illiterate, unemployable, 12-year-old lazy losers… Listen up! We are soooo cutting off your benefits unless you hand in your homework on time, check in for weekly ‘sessions’, and get down on your knees and kiss The Plastic-Haired Emperor’s fat Canadian ass… Oh, and you’re grounded for life!!!”  I paid into those benefits for more years than PowerSuitPresenter #1 and PowerSuitBeanCounter #2 have even been alive. But it’s all rosy… if I would just register for an apprenticeship for a new life-changing career at Tim Horton’s, or perhaps change my ethnicity to “not WASP” and my age to “18-20”, then they would be more than happy to provide me with unlimited resources and the key to the executive washroom! Only the Nanny-State of Canada could possibly come up with such moronic crap.

The whole experience is extremely humiliating and degrading, stripping you of any dignity you thought you may have been entitled to. I came out feeling slimy and dirty, inside and out.

Da Hong Pao… scrub me clean with iron and clay; rust and roots; fresh air and sparkling water and velvet quiet green growing trees.

This tea looks like twisted tree roots. It smells like earth.

I rinse the leaves and steep the first infusion for 15 seconds. The tea is a pretty golden yellow. I like this combination of beaked gaiwan and Grandma’s teacup… East meets West!

Steeped Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao: East meets West

Mmmmmm… earthy. It has a nice nutty flavour… like burnt almonds. There’s a bit of smoke in the aftertaste. No bitterness though. It’s quite smooth and mellow. I’m feeling cleaner already.

The second infusion: 30 seconds. Deeper gold. Sweeter. Almonds and chestnuts. Wheat. The more I sip, the smoother it feels. Very nice! It also has low caffeine and high, high, HIGH antioxidants and polyphenols, if you’re into that!

This is a very simple, calming, natural, earthy tea. Need an antidote to government bureaucracy? This tea will re-root you in the earth. I recommend an ivy-covered teacup, too!

This Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Wuyi Rock Oolong was provided by Tea Vivre!









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