organic pu’erh ginger: DAVIDs TEA

organic ginger pu'erh

organic ginger pu’erh by DAVIDs TEA

Yesterday was a beautiful day… the first in several weeks of clouds and rain. It wasn’t WARM, but it was sunny, and that counts for a lot! A perfect day for my annual balcony clean-up, unpack, set-up! I moved in November, and everything was wrapped and boxed and stored away for the winter. After 7 months of darkness, it’s finally time to dig it all out!

The first BIG job was to clean the wall of windows, inside and out. They haven’t been cleaned in 40 years and I’m tired of looking through a film of dirt! I dumped half a bottle of Windex into a bucket and went to work with a sponge and a squeegee. **Note to window installers… Make’em so people can take them apart easily! Come on!!! Next BIG job was to sweep all the dirt and gunk off the balcony floor. Dusty! Dirty! Next BIG job… unwrap and arrange the bamboo mats and the (heavy) lounge chairs, while shifting around 3 heavy boxes of patio decor and several piles of flower pots. OMG! There’s way too much stuff for this balcony! My last balcony was GIGANTIC…about 3x the size of this one! It was like an entire backyard! This one… not so much. Something’s gotta go! OK… windows cleaned, dirt swept out, mats laid, loungers arranged, boxes stacked… It’s a big job to tackle single-handedly, and I’m pooped! As the evening progresses, the ammonia, and several decades’ worth of dust, dirt, and grit are catching up with me… I have a sore throat. By bedtime, it’s wicked!

This morning… still there. I’m hoping that this organic pu’erh ginger by DAVIDs TEA will be the perfect throat soothing solution!

I’ve been saving this tea for just such an occasion. It smells like fresh ginger. It’s not something that I usually want, but I know it should feel good on a sore throat. DAVIDs TEA says there is orange in there, but I can’t smell it.

Hmmm… the first sip is a little sweet, with just a hint of ginger. It’s not overwhelming at all… very mild. The tea is not strong or bitter, or fishy (I was a little scared after my last pu’erh experience). It’s pleasant. Mildly sweet, mildly ginger, and weirdly…I’m getting hints of chocolate. I don’t detect any orange. The heat and the ginger are working quite nicely to soothe the throat! The tea is nicely balanced. You can taste the tea and the ginger separately, but neither is overwhelming. It’s smooth… and soothe!! This doesn’t have the same gingery burn in the back of the throat as Tao Tea Leaf’s Organic Tangerine Gingerbut it’s working nicely.

So, today I’m going to go and sit on my nicely arranged balcony, and finish some reading, and tonight it will be perfect for viewing the fireworks! Happy Victoria Day, Canada!





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