Red Rocks: the tea spot

Red Rocks tea

Red Rocks by the tea spot

To me, Red Rocks means only one thing:



U2. Red Rocks. I Will Follow.

To 14-year-old me, that was loose electricity running through my brain! It was Fire! It was Vertigo!  It was Magnificent!

This tea has a lot to live up to! Red Rocks had better rock my world!

This came in my Tea Sparrow box for April. It’s a South African rooibos, vanilla, and chopped almonds. It smells deliciously like vanilla and cherries… and a hint of… rum? OMG! It’s like B&R”s “Cherries Jubilee” ice-cream! Do they still make that?

I steep it for 5 minutes. Wow! the flavour is AMAZING! It’s soooooo smooth and soooooo rich and sooooooooo sweet… It’s like drinking cupcakes. Not so much like cherries… The vanilla is sweet, but not overwhelming. I still taste the rooibos, and the combination makes for a delectable, luxurious richness that I’ve not found in other vanilla teas. Really… cupcakes… 100%! I don’t notice the almonds until I make a second infusion. Now it’s not as sweet, but lighter, and more nutty, with a delicious vanilla aroma. The aftertaste is nutty and toasty.

Well, this is delicious! This is Elevation! This is Everlasting Love! This is Even Better Than The Real Thing! This is the Sweetest Thing!

theteaspot…. I Will Follow!





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