Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Oolong: Tea Vivre


Monkey King

Floppy with Anxi Monkey King by Tea Vivre

Some kids have a security blanket. Some kids have a teddy bear. I had a monkey. Not just any monkey… this is Floppy. Have you ever seen a sweeter little face? No… didn’t think so. He is so smart and funny…  He made me giggle for hours. He slept with me. He went to camp with me. He went to Grandma’s house with me. He listened to all my secrets. I loved him with all my heart! He’s got a few rough spots and a dirty face, and his ears are a bit frayed… but that’s just all the love stickin’ to him. He is my one and only Monkey King.

Today I received an eagerly awaited sample package from Tea Vivre! Inside are 8 little sample packs of 5 different teas. I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Tea Vivre samples

Samples from Tea Vivre

The first one I’ve been wanting to try is the Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin Oolong. I just love the name! Monkey King! I’m sharing it with Floppy.

I open the packet and it smells soooooo sweet and perfumey, floral, fresh, green, and with a little hint of lemon…citrus… lemongrass. It smells beautiful and it’s a fresh, bright green colour!

Anxi Monkey King tea leaves

Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin Oolong by Tea Vivre

I boil the water and rinse the leaves, then steep the tea for about 30 seconds until it’s a clear, pale yellow. The first taste is sweet and floral and delicious, but it leaves me wanting it stronger and more saturated with the gorgeous, sweet perfume.

The second steep is even better! I leave it for a couple of minutes. Now, it’s a more full-bodied honey taste. It’s just beautiful! It’s light, sweet, and rich, with a long-lasting floral finish. There is absolutely zero bitterness… just this lovely perfumed after-taste. Why would anyone want coffee-breath, if your mouth could taste like this instead? It’s like water from Paradise… or from the garden of the Monkey King!

I will be steeping this through several infusions, just to get every last bit of deliciousness.

This is definitely a new favourite! I will need to buy more when this runs out!

A tea fit for a (monkey) King!  Floppy loves it too… Right Flop? (     😀  nods vigorously)

Sincere thanks to Tea Vivre for providing this sample! Check out their website for tons of information on each tea… and to find out why it’s called “Monkey King”!


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