White Pear: Tsaa Tea Shop

White Pear tea and pears

White Pear by Tsaa Tea Shop and D’Anjou pears

Pears. Pears remind me of Japan. Because I never liked Japanese “nashi” (pears) very much. They are hard and crispy and watery and huge! I prefer “D’Anjou” pears… softer, smaller, mushier, and with a more intense ‘pear’ flavour.  When ripe, they just melt in your mouth like juicy cotton candy.

This is called “White Pear”, and I’ve been trying to determine whether it’s supposed to have been flavoured to taste like pear, or if this is simply the name of a white tea which has ‘pear’ notes… you know… like how some teas are called “Honey Orchid”, or “Milk Oolong” because of a subtle flavour of the tea itself. There is no visible pear, or any fruit in the tea. The tea leaves smell like tea. Slightly sweet, and mildly fruity, but not identifiable as ‘pear’. I suspect it’s a “Pai Mu Tan” with a fancy name.

White Pear Leaves

White Pear by Tsaa Tea Shop

It tastes as it smells… that is, slightly sweet, slightly fruity… a pleasant light tea taste. I don’t notice any particular ‘pear’ flavour. I think it’s just ‘tea’. Nice tea… but I don’t know why it’s called “White Pear”. (Please comment if you know more about it than I). This would be a good basic everyday tea. It’s not as strong as an “Orange Pekoe” (another fruit named tea which has nothing to do with fruit!), but stronger than a typical ‘white’. Anyway, it goes nicely with breakfast… toast and D’Anjou pears! Maybe they should call it “Add Your Own White Pear”.

This tea comes from Tsaa Tea Shop.





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